This morning’s realisations had me arriving at yet another novel to be conceived. It’s title came first, and it’s concept has been an intricate part of my life for at leeast the last ten years or so. Before that, it was more of an anonymous acquaintance, who kept me up all day, and soundly sleeping at night: today I’m glad to introduce the One!

9:11, On course, but the material so far is just reruns and introductions. I’m half there, not being interested in the visual aspects of my teachers, but quite aware of the sound they produce. They’re saying today will be old school too, leaving me plenty of time for what I do best and like most: observe, ponder and write!

I’m even no longer interested in Neda, my only female fellow student.  My HTC Touch HD has got her pretty face, and that’s enough. No need to get sticky, tacky or mushy. And no, she is not even going to live on my desktop, but in my Diary as the surprise of yesterday, on account of her very significant name. That’s the extent of her involvement with me on the

On the plane of communication however, she’s a goldmine, at least for me: similar in appearence to Seda, but a lot more demure, Neda Dallal Abdollabi wandered into my yesterday, holding that name which exploded a grenade of advanced
associations inside my mind. She connected me yet again to the One Thing I most desire: Oneness!

It is a quest that took me almost 48 years to get here, but it will never be complete, for since the One is infinite, any attempt to uncover it totally must be infinite by definition too! But at last I seem to have reached the point of no return, the Lagrangian point where I no longer have to struggle to get away from my Source, since I now realize He, She or It is my destination as well!

Strange country to be in, where suddenly home is still home, but away from home feels just as comfortable. My drives used to drive me, and they were many. Now, a single One remains, and it is neither attracting nor repulsing me: it simply IS! It is a weird or wired feeling I’ve had millions of time over the past 48 years, not counting the many incarnations I’ve had before, or the many that might
come later. But before equilibrium it was a Strong Attractor, and it sucked bigtime at times.  A few years ago however, I found a spell that was instrumental in getting past that: "If Life sucks, consider if you like to be sucked….", which worked for me!

Yeah, even sexual connotations hold clues to the One. And some people see those and enjoy them, while others shy away from them for whatever reason they may have. But quite often though, it is not because they don’t want to experience and / or learn….

They just figure that either their church would mind, or it would matter to their wife, or might make life miserable for their children. Now mind you, this is not a call to just rape, commit adultery, or even molest children. All those are in some way sins against the Free Will of others, until you realize there are NO Others!

"Really?" Really! That news has been around for as long as sentient life inhabits this planet, or even longer. The (Great Scorpions hit) however are accumulative, and thus incapable of diminishing Life! Like normal wind eventually tear flags, wears down sphinxes and defoliates trees no matter from which direction it blows, so the merely add to Life! They don’t discriminate, separate or inseminate, but they do ignite the Oneness!

Now this is as far as I go Now…   I’ll be back later, probably for lunch!