I’m not quite sure what it was about today, that made all the difference. But something surely did! I woke up like it was time to sell my bed, because the clarity of mind briefly had me thinking I’d never have to sleep again. I clearly remembered what today was going to be all about, and wasn’t in the least bit bored or depressed: some two hours of work, and then a course to occupy my mind the rest of the working day. It didn’t even matter that I’d probably be at the office from seven till five, because my energy surplus gauge had its needle bent from the force with which my night had slammed it across the dial….

Now normally I’m a guy who needs adjustment time when unscheduled stuff happens. It’s one of my minor drawbacks, I need some time to get used to new things. And as we shall see, today should have been hell, but it wasn’t….

I came in promptly at seven, and beat my boss to the punch, and the coffee machine. Took my coffee and sat down to finish the key collection job I’d been working on Friday, a dreary cut and paste exercise to make sure we can still use our software after October. Yeah, they said they won’t be distributing them after a certain date, but they would remain valid. So what do you do? Harvest them all before the deadline. As I finished it, Fred came in saying that Cody was there too, so we could get cracking. I looked at him in wonder, because I’d totally forgotten that I would be moving to a new office today! And there’d be just enough time to get that move done before the course started at nine. No time to waste, so we all spent a good hour dragging stuff around, because multiple offices needed to be rearranged.

By the time we were done, I was sweating like the proverbial pig, wiping pints of sweat from my forehead and crew cut every thirty seconds or so, but loving every minute of it! My end result was an office right across from the Test Lab, so rather than traverse the entire corridor each time, I now only have to cross it.  Alone for now, but I don’t mind, and there is still a desk-sized void for the Cosmos to bring me an interesting colleague! ;-)

I went down for the course ten minutes late, only to be told that it had been postponed till next week,  due to a bunch of Iranians who couldn’t get their visa in time. And worse, that postponement was already known by the time my boss entered me for the course! But somehow it just never reached me. That would have been enough to tick off my lower self, and have him spoil the rest of the day for me. But whether he was still asleep, or just defeated by another aspect of me, remained to be seen…

Next up were a number of chores that needed doing, and also brought their own difficulties: the two test stations I needed to assemble for instance: one went perfect, but the second one fought me all the way to Hell and back. Still haven’t got it sorted out, but at least it didn’t spoil my mood! Then updating the Test Lab floor plan: Fred came back to me with it two or three times, pointing out tiny details he wanted rectified. Normally I’d think he had it in for me, but not today. Whistling I changed the thing until he didn’t come back anymore. And the harvested keys also were a source of possible displeasure: Thomas and I had worked on it together, but had only saved product names and activation keys. As a colleague later pointed out, you also have to know which type of key it is….  When I asked Fred if he wanted me to rectify that oversight, he replied something like "" without a smily. I’d have seen that as a denigrating remark before, but this time punched right through it and mailed him back that since we’d done it together, it could have been he wanted Thomas to do it. That gave no more replies, which in Fred’s case means OK…

The trip home was a marvelous autumn day with an unusually high temperature for the time of year. No delays, and nothing there to give my mood any excuse to drop like a bomb. In fact, I figure this is one of these very rare days until now, that my mood never came below ‘Absolute Heaven’. And it ain’t over yet: the ladies have been warned to stay home tonight, because I have to help one of my PC customers with some ‘easy for me’ difficulties. But first I have to add some more stuff here, while you all read this.

But this ain’t complete without the unfolding of the mystery: I figure my optimistical view today was caused by that experiment in clearer vision Denisa proposed last night. And if I hadn’t thought so already, Nature also gave me a great sync to point in that direction: before I boarded the train at Veenendaal-de Klomp, an insect of sorts landed on my left temple (never did see what it was), and hitched a ride to Arnhem. It was crawling all over my forehead as the train transported us, focusing mainly on the area that was very pronounced in its presence ever since last night: the baseball-sized patch right on top of my brow chakra!

With day one of the experiment being such a success, I’m rearing to continue for the rest of the week. You could of course join in, and attempt to also focus your vision through your third eye instead of the other two. Don’t confuse that with thinking too much, because your cerebellum is right behind that spot. But it’s a very distinct feeling to me now at least: like a slightly warmer patch on your forehead, about baseball size, and feeling like it is shielded from any drafts that might cool it down to normal temperatures. It’s the kind of feeling I’d been expecting around my heart chakra, but never did perceive in quite such a pronounced manner.

Happy Experimenting….