With Jamming Up the pipes because their Eight Eyes had a lot to do with  it, I stick Up my Aerials Like System of a Down taught me. Today will be be told the story of the boy who couldn’t play because he wouldn’t play with the guys who love to make fun with the One….

Stay tuned because Rainbow did it All Night Long, and Dre’ is an Early Riser. But will he be Early enough to hear the Whisper of the One during daytime?

Yes she is, AweSHome I mean! Two years ago She gave me a new cell when I only asked for her number, and Solitarily Confined me in it until I agreed to call her. The number she did on me had AweSHome powers of reconstruction, and being the Nerdy Geek I am, it would only be a matter off time before I Got out to come look for her sweet ass….

Then later with the other numbers she did on me, I forgot what hers was all about, because that phone went MIA somewhere in my appartment. I remember it was a Touchy Dutch phone, that dissected Infinity into Decay and Steady State, but I can’t for the Life of Me remember the exact numerical sequence. But it started with me wanting Moore, I do remember that.  Then as time went by and I hadn’t called, she issued me a bank card that had the shorthand version of it. Same optimistic combination of Death and Evolution, in proper sequence. With Cosmic Fusion on my Wimp, I Soar on the Breeze into the sun:

Taking a quick peek at Wimpy here, I notice even he’s a better DJ than me. Except for System of a Down and BYOB: no beer for me, hence No Money, No Money!! Let’s see, what else can we eradicate from the list as highly relevant but not preferred?

  1. You Don’t Believe by Alan Parsons: I DO BELIEVE!!!
  2. Swimming into Deep Water: I feared it once, but completely learned to swim later, being a Pisces.
  3. Day Ten: Memories: Already been there, done that, although the female singer has a voice to die for…..
  4. Some Day, One Day: Day One is Now! And come to think of it, so Am I like All I like.
  5. the Beast Within: I’m not saying he’s been domesticated, but he’s such a pussy Now!
  6. Learning to Fly: What does it look like I’m doing?
  7. SlainteMath@ 4:44: Numerology is the constant surprise, deal with it any way you want. 

Getting a Java update, please wait Σ Moore…..

Anyway, feasting on the Persian Delight she sweetened me with  last night at dinner, in fullview of my fellow students, let’s get this show on the road again. Let’s describe that stasis chamber she put me in: About 17 feet across, its walls plastered with ample evidence of her undeniably Fatal Attraction. I counted them all, since at first I had nothing better to do because my subconscious was still working to plan my escape from AllCatRash. But Sweet Things can’t resist those who wait…

"How Many Are There!?", I hear you say? Well, given the numerological intensity of the counts I did, I do remember that: 7777 came from a very natural spot for her to be in. Add that to the rest, and the end result was 9292. And since I’m a numbers buff and general good guy, I even looked up the meaning of those combinations for you:

777 – The
angels applaud you, congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good
work and know your wish is coming true. This is an extremely positive
sign and means you should also expect more miracles to occur. 

2’s and 9’s, such
as 299 or 292
– If you’ve recently suffered a loss (job, lover, etc.),
expect it to be replaced in the very near future. Everything is
working in your favor, although there may be so much behind-scenes
activity involved that you wonder if God has forgotten you. Worry not!
Feel the of your life, which is moving forward right now. You
are not being punished by your recent loss. The universe is, instead,
preparing you for newness. 

So Yeah, That was my Higher Self signalling the long wait was over:

I scrambled to my feet, did another good deed,

and picked the lock on my chastity cell.

Some people thought I went straight down to Hell,

but you and I are way up in the sky,

helping our children to pray and tell…..

Have a baal today, kiddos, it beats a bald spot…..

Delight in your Fright….


P.S. That Google search linked in gave me great news: If Hollywood ever follows the General’s lead, I’ll be glued to the Toob4Sure….