I got a mail from my publisher this afternoon, saying they had seen nobody ordering any copies of my novel yet, even though the introduction E-mail went out fifty times, and I even mentioned it here. Since their treshold for production is fifteen copies, and I’m in no mood to order them all myself to then give them away to friends and family to become that weird dude, I told them there and then to just end the whole charade, and trash it.

But then again, I did enjoy writing it, and people still might enjoy reading it. Thus rather than tossing it into that trash can, I’m putting it up on moorelife.nl so anyone with half a mind to read it can get it off the web:

So enjoy it if you want, or pass it by if you don’t. I’m done with it because the story has been written, and try as I might I will not be able to influence what happens next anyway. But if you read it, and loved it and absolutely do wish to make a gesture to express that joy, there’s a button somewhere on this next page. But coming from a guy who’d rather see all money disappear overnight, that is a bit of a contradiction….

Enjoy what you like to do….