Yep, that’s me: I don’t worry anymore, but when Laura called me to have me put the key in the mailslot, I did as she asked, but still intended to wait up for her. But that will be done flat on the couch, absorbing the Silent Night here in Zutphen…

Last week was funny, lovely and an amazingly Complex in Simplicity, as Teedra would call it. Actually, she was the advance guard of the Flaming Seducktresses. I met her in 2005, during my second job of three in Veenendaal, which has a name that designates it as primo duck territory…. The third visit, which is still in season, brought me Seda and Neda in succession…

Figures: Teedra, Seda, Neda. I wanted to add the woman in red impersonation Teedra had done on her album cover for Complex Simplicity, but my local source wouldn’t budge, and the websource evaded me. Finally settled on this image, which at least scored Within Temptation.

Funny to find that the first video didn’t budge either by refusing inclusion, and the second one evaded me by refusing video except for the black and white title, just like Teedra’s  image: the red original went MIA, and the alternative lacked color. There’s a pattern in there somewhere, but that probably locks and shocks me for now, so I won’t notice it: Shock and Awe are my blind spots. But the royal hint is hers to bestow upon me: with "Royal Patience" she commends me for my perseverence in this matter, and the fact that it is a compilation album ties a beau around it which connects it to real life: at work as a , I developed that Royal Patience waiting for the compiler to display its beautiful countenance. 

Could it be that since I got promoted last month to a realm where compilers are off limits, the Angels are saying my long wait is about to end?

I guess I am that lucky, yes. Party at my place!