After weeks postponement because the Iranians could’t get their visa in time, I’m finally On Course today. So at nine I went down to meet my students. Little did I know, that the Cosmos had a big surprise for me, with a huge wink attached..


The student body consisted of seven humans, six , and one .
Being interested in these particular minorities, and the intricacies of
language and naming, I immediately found some weird peculiarities in
this lady’s name, as it related to my specific path in :

Even though she looked quite like her, Neda is clearly N(ot S)eda! The
letters between the parenthesis just point to the fact she would be a
One Time Solution. And she is from Iran. Get the joke? "Did you run?"
would be the question to continue with…

No, I didn’t run. Not to her, and not from her. She doesn’t even know
probably, that just the mere mention of her name gave me so much to
write about. But that’s OK, she’s quite safe….

But just look at that name! It looks like someone put a lot of thought
into packing as much information in there as was humanly possible:

Neda Dallal Abdollahi…

Not Seda, but the pointers to the All are quite abundant: five
various variations of it appear, a lot using letters twice! And if you
them together, they point me in the of who really dunit!

And all that because this first of the course was old material for me. Been there, done that, and then the mind loves to play games! Whatever happens next? Who knows? I sure ’t, and I neither care nor mind. All is Good!

Love the of the Cosmos! It is Deep!