Just heard that tonight I am expected to eat out… Not because my
mate won’t cook, after al she’s me! Nope, our teachers have defined
another learning experience of a whole different . Now 11:33,
but by 17:17 we’ll be packing up our stuff, shutting down our PCs, and
heading into town to find a nice atmosphere to spend the evening. What
happens Next? Who knows… I sure don’t, but then I neither care nor
mind, and I may not even object.

Just try me….  ;-)

Just so you know:

Evening update has just been cancelled, or at least postponed!

Remarkable Afterthought:

Did sort of the same course when I started working here five years ago. Still remember that dinner, and the many similarities between the two: many guys, one girl. Good , . Or yes, there was doubt then: do I have a chance? At least in that regard, tonight’s dinner will be wholely different: no chance, no , to say it in Father Josh’s vocabulary: "Just good , good company!"

And then a relaxing trip back home….. enjoying Golden Earring if my phone holds out.

See Ya!