Posted: 06 Oct 2010 09:01 AM PDT

Channeled by for Life

Dear Ones,

What a beautiful and confusing time. Perhaps the best way to describe
how many of you are feeling is to return you to that age most of you
would like to forget – 14 years of age. The age at which you were
neither an adult nor a child. When your body was evolving in areas  you
were not sure you were comfortable with. At the same time, you could not
wait until those changes were complete. You probably acted extremely
childish one moment and in the next, astounded your parents with a very
adult-like thought. You were “betwixt and between.” So it is for you

Some moments you act very childish in terms of reverting to Old Age
thoughts and actions. Other times, you amaze yourself with your
and knowingness of your inner power.

Such is expected. It was perfectly acceptable for your children to
float between childhood and adulthood during puberty. The same is true
for you now. The difference is that you expect too much from yourself.
Because you are an adventurer – and all of you who wish to move into the
now are most certainly adventurers – you expected perfection
the first moment you began to shift.

Such instant New Age rewards or skills are not possible within your
physical being, anymore than was true when you were 14. Your personal
shift will happen at the rate that is right  for your physical,
emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social being.

You may now be laughing at yourself and well you should. We are
providing you with the same information as did your parents during your
shift from childhood to adulthood. You ached for push-up bras, “wheels,”
make-up and freedom, even though your physical plant remained more
child than adult.

Even though this particular weekend will again move you further along
the adulthood spectrum, you will continue to revert to your comfort
level of childhood or the Old Age more often than you would probably

You are not a slow learner. You are merely moving into at
a pace that is correct for your physical plant. Do you not remember
those friends of yours who pined for a larger chest at 13, only to rue
the size of their chest at 35? Or the young men mortified at the shifts
in their voices, only to become internationally noted speakers at a
later age? So it will be for you.

You may grow into the New Age in spurts and dips and dabs…or you may
do so overnight. Each of you is moving at a pace that is correct for

What about those proclaiming they have mastered all the skills of the
New Age – that they are firmly in the New Age and are beckoning you to
follow? Listen to your heart. Some are at that point – albeit not at the
finished point they proclaim, anymore than an 18 year-old is fully an
adult. But most are similar to those you interacted with in junior high
and high school, they have grasped the nuances of being a “cool”
teen-ager, but not necessarily the skills required of an adult.

There is no need to be jealous of anyone’s New Age skills, anymore
than it was appropriate to be jealous of someone’s body development
during puberty. Even though each developed at his or her pace, all of
you reached adulthood with all the physical indicators by a similar age.
So it is for you now.

Some of you will spurt ahead in one arena, but not another – only to
discover in a few weeks or months that you did so for a reason. All of
you reading this message elected to be scout masters and wagon train
leaders. Some of you may acquire certain physical, emotional, social or
spiritual attributes sooner than others. Not because you are more
spiritual than other, but because those specific skills are needed by
the groups who have agreed to follow you.

We wish to add one more thought. You are perhaps observing a great
deal of negativity –  some  of which might be directed at you. Ignore
it. Even though those negative words or actions might appear designed to
hurt you, think back to puberty. Everyone was trying to find their
place in their new world and body. Their fears encouraged many to make
others feel less than they were, so those most frightened could feel
better about themselves.

Just a small segment of your global population is in puberty at any
one time. In contrast, all of those now on earth are impacted by these
. Puberty magnified by millions!

Some are just touching the tip of the puberty iceberg – they will be
followers of many of you. Others, like you, are fully enmeshed in the
puberty phase; some are even near the completion stage – you are the
scout masters and wagon train leaders. And still others, are kicking and
screaming refusing to even contemplate any aspects of puberty – this
group is the most negative of all; and will either transition via earth
death or take extremely baby steps into the New Age. This last group
will be the followers of those who learned the trails from you.

Even though this New Age transition is difficult because no one on
earth has yet moved through it, this transition is no more difficult
than puberty – which many of you were sure you were not going to

Remember what you told your children when they were between childhood
and adulthood and apply those same concepts to yourself. You will move
through this phase. You will be an adult. You will be a New Age scout
master or wagon train leader. Allow yourself to observe your fears and
anxieties so that when your followers begin to exhibit similar patterns
you can reassure them – just as we are reassuring you.

All is well in your world. Throw a few tantrums. Attempt to access
life skills beyond your current capabilities. Yell and scream at us, the
sun, God or whomever. It does not matter. You will move through your
New Age puberty with skill and finesse. Most of all, you will be
spectacular scout masters and wagon train leaders. So be it. Amen.

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