Here is it now, well into two weeks on this amazing Journey of my Soul. I am inspired by what I have done so far, as I rest and feel the miles and the stops in the past two weeks I reflect with tremendous gratitude. There has been much Love on this journey, shared and received, the that surrounds us listening to my actions. My intentions are pure and I am at peace. I have followed my guidance all along the way and many amazing things have happened. Much of what I have hypothesized has been shown to be true and I am in of the power of it all.

All of Creation stands up to greet a conscious being. The that surrounds us is intelligent and listens to our thoughts, words and actions. We are creating a reality right now, whether we are aware of it or not. I have come to see this as Truth, an energetic fact. In my total personal responsibility is the answer. I am responsible for my creations and experiences. Knowing this has changed my life and I am grateful.

Much has happened along the way and I have been experiencing the peace that comes from my understanding of the way it all works. I have seen drama on this journey, even been solicited to participate in it but I am other than willing any more. My life is filled with Love and , and release, joy and prosperity… These things I call into my life through my daily meditations, releasing all that is other than for my highest good. It is freeing and opens the doors wide to allow the prana and possibilities to enter my life. I get stronger as I continue to reclaim my power from the past, coming into a of being that I only dreamed was possible.

Now I know all things are possible. It is through my diligent and steadfast resolve to only accept my highest truth that things have changed. The knowledge that the Loving Timeline exists all around me, at all times, has been shown over and over again. Experiencing this beautiful timeline requires a clarity that is of the purest nature, true to my Soul. This I have committed myself to and I continue on the path to what some call enlightenment. That word, enlightenment, has held a charge for me as I have believed that it is something that is unattainable. That it breeds discontent in my surroundings because others would judge my endeavors. But now I see that is all a false reality and I let it go.

I have come to the place where I know who I am, what I am about and where I am going. Does this come easily or at a “price” one might ask? Perhaps… I have found resistance from old friends who want me to be the way I used to be and can’t accept that I have changed. But, that is what has tripped me up in the past… the fear of moving beyond what I was and into my Authentic Self. Letting that go and coming to the place I am now has freed me to see this. And I accept that, continuing to allow all to be as they are without expectation or obligation. Those that are in my life now, as friends, have similar views and though we may have our differences there is an acceptance and Love that permeates the experience. We are able to share and enjoy the peace of the moment.

I have been so grateful to my friends who have hosted me along the way. Sharing moments of truth, quiet and peace with Loving intentions. There is no need for drama… that comes from the past. The way we once were is no longer and now we just share in the moment. Very refreshing… I have allowed the opportunity for healing with old friends, those holding anger or resentment towards me for leaving when I did. Holding space for healing and releasing any power or Soul pieces I may have still been holding on to and allowing the energy to equalize. The choice is always there for anyone to choose to let go of the past and come into the present moment, regardless of the circumstances.

There really is only now and here is where the power is. Is that enlightenment? Part of it, yes, I think so. I have seen many come and go in my life and have shared some of the best friendships with those that just allow me to be with my allowance of them being. No judgement or expectations, just unconditional Love in the moment is a component. I appreciate those in my life that allow my exploration of the Truth and seeking of enlightenment. Many have fallen away as I have changed, but that has created an opening for new and exciting experiences to come into my life… including new people with views that are more aligned with my experience. And so I continue to let the past go with Loving forgiveness. I only accept what is for my highest good now. And I know that is also the highest good for all Creation.

This is the Journey… towards enlightenment, I seek the highest vibration of experience. So, I continue and open myself to the new experiences that unfold before me on this epic experience of Life in the Light.

Much Love,

the Buffalo Diaries