…When you compare it to my greatest fetish: Special EXperiences!

Also known as Synchronicities! I just can’t get enough of them! Having had a few very deep and intriguing ones, I was caught hook, line and sinker.  And now? I just go through life a zombie if nothing out of the ordinary appears in my vicinity…..

And yes, one of those was very SEX-oriented, because it involved an ex-colleague who later turned out to have been a successful nude model….

But that’s not why I love them. It is the feeling of your expectations, suddenly hiked up the legs of Chance, right up to that garter belt, but no further! You’re dying to see more, but she’ll just linger there, and then let it drop down again. So you yearn for more. Sex sometimes requires an afrodisiac, to get the show on the road. Synchronicity IS  the afrodisiac! And it works for far more things than just plain SEX!

And of course, even though André hates ambiguities in their occurance, I (Endra) love them! Ambiguities are the gems of language that connect all, even that which most humans don’t see as connection but as confusion. 

These two subnets of our joint are intimately intertwined: My Special EXperiences and his Lust can not be separated, or treated as separate entities. They simply exist as One Symbiotic Entity!

So, if you know of a cure for both, instead of just one of them, give us a call. Otherwise, don’t bother…..

We Love U!