And then she hit me, or rather IT did: the realization that she drives me crazy, if I let her…. Went hunting for the Sound of Relevance, and came up with this:

They realized IT exactly!!

But the beating went on, because while pummeling around to find that perfect manifestation, I stumbled onto this little gem, which we lovingly named "the Magnificent Seven!"

Numerology freaks like myself would notice that the One Wanted by me before was the middle sisters, at 0:00 / 4:44: the Fine Young Cannibals. Suffering from sensory overload and a non-splitting headache, I’m sitting here drinking coffee, but hardly yawning sleepily:

Weird though, if I take this literally, it expresses how I feel, yet this story is more a stream of how I think. Realizing the sameness and Oneness between them, I feel the headache clearing, but then again that is probably the side effect of the DarkRoast Senseo I’m pushing to replace my cafeine deprivation.  No heartbreak with Neda leaving today, but also not sick enough of Her to just stay home and say "Fuck the World!" Nono, don’t click THAT, because you’ll be instantly converted by the Infected Mushrooms I got from a good friend years ago. But like his computer said to him back then: "Sorry, Dave, but I can’t let you do that!"

Shit, now I feel just like Tiesto would, while on stage: All would (even Natalie who played in the Fine Yuong Cannibal) be able to recognizes their senses, like the raw flow of Adrenaline, mixed with the clarity of eighty proof Vodka, while being as sober as a rock…. But the Infected mushrooms I really was referring to come closer to the vid below…. (Yeah, let’s leave this shit AllOne, and get onto a more civilised yet no less mindblowing perfection)

Back in highschool, professional DJ on weekends in a nearby shithole named Krabbendijke. I loved doing that, and secretly loved my male colleague for doing it that much better than me.  Not that I’d ever do him, but his job was definitely one for me. Or rather his Passion:

No, not THAT job! Rather the unbridled passion with which Tiesto stitches the songs together, my dad stitches up all these fair maidens in a way that only He can: needle and thread, brought together in a whirlpool of beads and those little shiny things he calls stars and discs. I never thought I had that, until just now!  Awesome feeling, which make you both realize AND forget the Oneness of the Cosmos. No, Neda can safely go home, to the One She loves, for we truly will never ever part.

I See that Now……

Freudian sidenote: notice the Capitalization, see what’s REALLY on his mind….)

As an afterthought I searched for my final track, again mistyping (Freud would be proud of me):

Interesting material, but not what or who I want….  redo, correcting error and realigning with MY TRUTH:

Yep, that’s the One: right there at the bottom, a Jamaican BeachCrawler named ! He’s been infesting my hive all of last week with his One Love, so I’ll leave him to finish up and do the dishes while I’m going to the station to meet Neda:

Love IT! Yeah, Neda too, but I meant the awesome raw power of Teaching by Example like Jim Caviezel, Tiesto, Maarten Slabber, and EveryOne really. But it’s isn’t even half as much fun until you really open your Heart, Eyes and Mind to HIM! (Dutch insider joke: Capitalized H, E, M, which in Dutch means ‘Him’….

Later, folkzz!


(and all of the credits below, which have been edited out because my provider only has about  8 Terabyte of space, which I could access using my Admin password "just4one!", but let’s not stress him anymore…. )