Dedicated to Extince, the homey whose viervoeters rocked my world…..

She had me @ Hell-o, I met her ‘cross the Table 

Our eyes met somewhere out-a-here, thus rend’ring me unABLE

to do ma thang, and do her in, but then I’m glad she did…

Cause had I done her, Lord I swear…

I would not be@ this sHIT!

Take her home, boy!!!! 

Even though this is gonna be rockhard because I never had his guts, dead in the face of beauty, this here is a Dutch rap of Awesome Xtince. I never thought I’d be dope enough to get into the heart of it and own this shit, but for my unDUTCH homies, I’m gonna try to translate thisss Hit:

Last Thursday I hit town dead center,

Together with my homeys, Dope Dave and GanDum’

We did a signin’ down by the door, screamin honeys like never B4

Then I saw Jennifer, she walked there…

She looked steaming allRight, which made me call her.

She said "I saw you B4, but figured you’d be busy doing all Ur fans and stuff like that.

I asked her: "Babe what is your plan"?

She looked at me as if to say: "What is it with you ?"

I said: "Yo what", while I thought of her twat, and urged the pussy to spill her gut.

And then it came like just a lady could, that is to say if she is from the Hood:

"OK, I want that autograph too, but put it on my tattoo"

I swear I could devour her right there and then, but doing it that public is not who I am….

So I stayed cool and asked where and when, she shrugged and stalled you know, Xpecting it then.

So I said: "It looks like we’re going to meet", she asked for directions to my homey street.

"Train one or eleven to old West, and if you like to waste your strips then stay right on the six"

"Then you get out at Sander’s, en you just stay put. Then I will come and take U home, just like I should"

I wouldn’t be me if I had made it on time, ten she’d said, but I got drowned in my rhyme,

It was already halfpast with her steaming like mad. To deflect all that anger I chilled and said:

"Darlin’, darlin, darlin’, no reason to blow, "  "What kind idiot do you think U are?" she said,

"Look at our as a party, and lack of decorations isn’t reason to unHEART me…."

She came out laughing, and said: "I like U! Sorry that I got pissed off,

but I feared it would be called off, I had agreed to be home midnight"

..and I thought: "That we can make allright!" 

Quite cosy, like 101 Dalmatians the rhyme fades out because I never could grok that of it….

We pick it up again right at the verse, because some things just should not be rehearsed in public…

Next saturday I  was out there questioning the neighborhood,

no star but just the clown who plays Robin Hood.

"Look there at the , a female and her body"  So I go right 4 her because that turns on my woodie.

Then Oops, it was an X, so I asked if she was Flex. 

The funny things was she looked like she could kill me, but the lust in her eyes did rather just chill me.

I said: "Let me you with those bags, cuz they look really havy and I know the stairway to Ur pad."

"Plus you look quite thirsty like a tulip who needs a lot of water, so let me water U"

She bit my head off, and dropped into a rut. But after ten more minutes i went barefoot in her hut.

She had me there for dinner, so I thought "Hey OK" 

But right before eleven she said I couldn’t stay. I said OK and made a beeline for the door

Then thought about it on the way some moore. I missed the train on purpose and headed back again

She looked at me defiant but did let me in.

She asked: "Did you come back?" I said "Yes my baby"

And she knew right then I was not going Byezy.

I said: "Hey that last train just left in a hurry"

"You want me 2 believe that?" 

I said "I’m saying it right?" 

So: no train, no bus, what shall we do? I thought I’d better kiss her, but she went for my neck.

She whispered in my ear "Jij maakt me gek". She kissed me lower, whispering my names,

It was pretty this she was aching for the game.

She headed down and dropped some more, finally landed with her knees on the floor.

You get my drift, shaken not stirred. I never really could get in a word.

She went on all night long. I do not need to explain what she was aiming for…

I floated up to heaven, forgot my tooth ache, but figured next morning my woodie would break.

I thought of getting out fast while the lady slept, but she’d already woken, so I got slapped.

"I see, I am not crazy, you just came for one thing!"

I said: "We are not a Siamese Twin, I ’t mean to stiff you, but I must do my thing"

"Music’s what I live for, but that does not mean that I don’t care, if U know what I mean"

She said: "But all the hoes that you had next to me?"  "Hey baby, I just wanna be Free!" 

Whew, that streamin’ shit is hard to ! Well, if it ain’t perfect, you know why my middle name is 2nd time right…..

But the original is by far one of the most excellent uses for the Dutch language!

Love your native tongue,