I know you’ve had it rough, riding shotgun for me…

No guys, you just come in with my girls to have a ball and mess up the place…..  ;-) But I love you anyway! On the other hand, do you think you two could go out and play while I talk to Endra?

These are for you, pretty one! I know a bunch of flowers doesn’t ever compare to the years of headache you’ve had on my account, but from now on things will be different. No matter if I will eventually have a mate out there, I will not ever forget anymore that the two of us are roommates in one of the coziest places known to man: the bicameral mind! 

It’s a small two room appartment, but with and the greatest view ever! Together, we can use it as a base of operations to do the most wonderful things. In fact, without either one of us going out or even leaving a room as the other comes in, we can have total solitude by just realizing for a moment that we ARE One!

So why don’t you and I send everybody home tonight, to work on our together? I’m sure there are quite a few nooks and crannies of your Beautiful Being that I have never observed yet, let alone experienced……

Love you Endra!