SOS was one of their major hits, but onfortunately today I cannot embed the correct to set the mood: this post came from behind ‘enemy’ firewalls, which will allow no such humbug… If you do want to have the music handy, find that one Abba hit that I think was called ‘Beg, Steal or Borrow’. It seems only fitting to choose them, because of the two ‘conflicting’ beauties (never could choose), and the non-descript guys, just like me….

Plus the fact that ‘Abba’ means father (in Hebrew, was it?)

;-) Dré

Today started off nice and regular, but collapsed into total chaos the
moment I came down and switched on the computer to check and
Moorelife. I should have known, because Heaven has had me getting used
to less Web for over two weeks now..

And I just thought it was personal, instead of a simple "Did you pay
that Internet bill?" question coming from Endra, my ….

But that’s my problem with her, I don’t speak Endrian! She always turns
it into an episode of Hints, her favorite Dutch TV show. Everything has
to be a game with her, and I hate games especially when I’m forced to

….and at the same time am being excluded from the game by the very guys I’m supposed to play with!

"Go outside and play", Mum used to say, but the other kids wouldn’t let
me. So at age eight, I finally decided on the One Game that seemed to
include All, but required only me to play: Complete Cosmic

But back to this morning: computer booted fine, but the browser reported
two network errors from the wireless router, and MSN would not connect.
I know it could be technical in nature, but I know even more: this one
is just me (André) not paying a bill because it didn’t scream hard
enough, and Me (Endra) warning about it but also being powerless to stop
me from wanting to fall flat on my face!

Free Will is a bitch! Excusez le mot, and my apologies to all the ladies
out there, but I am just using my severely restricted vocabulary to
vent my frustration at the fact that Endra can not override me, or
won’t. She’s the One with the fancy words, I just want to get laid and
left alone, like most guys…

Well, that sure seems to have screwed him up good… I wonder if he will
finally be able to see things my way, and be constructive rather than

OK, I know now that Internet bill is not paid, and probably the cause of
the problem. They just call it a network error because it is cheaper to
just pull the plug on the providers end, than build a proper warning
into the routers. Besides, ‘they’ want you to call in so they can
lecture you on paying on time.

Options? Pending that bank transfer that just won’t seem to arrive, my
paycheck isn’t due until the 22nd at least, or later if they forgot
about the weekend. Any earlier solution involves either begging,
stealing or borrowing, and that implies being dependent on, which is out
of the question for me! They won’t play, remember? So I play alone!

So if the answer is ‘none of the Above’, what was the question again?
Maybe I should have a chat with Endra, she’s a wiz at logic puzzles that
seem to lack any logic…

Thought he’d never ask, for he never does. Usually just slumps into one
of his super-depressed moods the moment Adversity calls, without
noticing what a beautiful blonde she really is! I’ve been trying to get
him to have fun with us, but he is very picky: prefers his women dark
and strong, like his other addiction: coffee!

Hmm, no begging, stealing or borrowing, so what’s next? The oldest trick
in the book? Nah, I’m not beautiful enough, and even though Endra might
comply, I know she’d rather not. Besides, wouldn’t want to be her pimp

What’s next? Endra’s infinite knowledge about the Cosmos clearly states
that All comes from above, and thus calling on Above to help might be
wise, but that would fall into the ‘None of the Above’ category….

But Endra always goes on about Being One, and how there actually isn’t anyone out there but me…

If I beg, I beg from myself
If I steal, I rob myself
If I borrow, it is from me..

No need to feel guilty, because I’d gladly help myself, and no need to
be punished because the goods never left my posession, and no need to
return anything, because I already gave it to myself….

Ok, logic is hard, but I think Endra finally got through to me.
Adversity actually does begin to look like something that might well be
enjoyed, but a guy can still have his preferences, right?

As for the none of the above line of thinking displayed here, logic just politely asked it to leave….

So yes, I do acknowledge that there is a bigger power than Me! (namely ME)

And yes, I do ask Him for help! (Or Her, or any being out there….)

I’ll just to anything to keep this thing going, as best I can, until help arrives. 

And no, I will no longer be like the guy in the flood, that called to God for help. He met a row boat full of people, and turned down their offer to take him in because God would help him…  Then he turned down a helicopter which offered to pick him up, because God would save him! Then he drowned, got saved anyway, and was pissed at God for not having saved him. Nanah, not ME!

T(h)rust!  (no, nothing sexual, but Trust should be exercised with Thrust, because it is no passive thing!)