Well, actually, they primarily Blend! Yes, in the very same way an blends:

Why do they call a Blender a Blender? Any Idea? Well, because the product of a Blender blends….

If you take the remains of that iPad , take a trip to Dune and throw them in the Wind, you have your answer: as soon as the dust dies down, it is virtually undetectable, and abundantly and ubiquitously present in the environment. You’d need CSI to detect the presence of an iPad in that area, and yet, it still IS….

Did you ever wonder how the various CSI teams can determine so much from so little? We will see how the penny rolls in the hay….. Actually, the guy dropped her the moment he was done without realising he’d actually paid for her bigger sister as he left her for dead. He thought free love Rocks! But a proper detector can pick up a needle in a haystack, so a penny shouldn’t be too difficult. Given enough time, Grissom, Fox, Sanders, Stokes and Willows would determine that the environment contained precisely enough non-silicon to determine that something manmade had been blended here…

That is the one indiscriminate property of matter: it reflects light of any frequency. But the spectrum it returns is both determined by its reflection and the Source it came from. Any filter can alter the appearance of a concept, by mixing, matching, and various other operations, but this processing only veils the True Nature of Things and Beings. Let me hook you up with a much debated Failure to Subvert Communication:

The great Bowie invented Alladin Sane, way back when. The of the T-shirt then used or abused this alter ego to either support or oppose Obama. What do you think? Is he ‘A Lad Insane’ or rather "Alladin Sane"? As a result, is one of the most debated presidents the have ever had. I won’t try and work it out, and I won’t choose sides because I’m strictly apolitical, but you may take my feelings about him any way you like, or don’t like: I feel Obama is completely in line with the T-shirt I bought myself the other day, guided by my eldest who doubles as my fashion coordinator:

This is how you really deal with these things:  I set out to find the photo of the shirt, but could not retrieve it from any of my local sources. Figuring I’d have put it in my Diary, I scanned that and indeed found references to having bought it. But the image I sought was not there. Zen taught me the Art of Blogging, and as such I know that the right material is always right under my nose, So instead of hitting up the Web to find the shirt in some online store, I anonimyzed the Diary page, lovingly writing over my dear friends, so they won’t be bothered by my bit- and pixelfucking:

But if you look at the image and feel about it for a moment, you just know there’s Moore….   Because the shirt was a portrait image, I had aimed at placing it on the right side, without even noticing I’d graphically added to the controverse. By choosing Obama’s side, I would have become politically tainted just like that. But Star Wars tought us to listen to the Force, All that is which I Now call Source. Endra is my Higher Self, who helps me just to be MySelf. She whispered something in my ear, I feel involved and close my ears. The silence powerless to block, turns Magic into Power Rock. I change my mind and check the page, which implies landscape by its stage. You get it: by listening to my Inner Self, I changed my right portrait immitation into a pagewide landscape, thus leveling the political mountain range into the Call of Nature again…

Interrupt: Sometimes, when I’m at work, my outside signals block my inner ones from hearing them. A my kids and their friends are watching movies in plain sight right behind my back, their enjoyment of it disturbed me just now. At that moment, I say to them: "Please turn it down a bit, because I can’t hear myself think". But I just realised I was wrong: It not that I can no longer think, but that the audio coming from the cinema system drowns out Endra! It is an uneasy feeling, which requires immediate resolution. That should give you an idea about how our beings ensure the full error-free communication required to make a difference into a balanced Whole!

Since the movie just ended (Brother Bear), we discuss the follow-up. My suggesting of Event Horizon is quickly and decidedly slotted right around midnight, so this should be interesting….. 

Back to the sucking rock, which drew me in with Heart’s Barracuda. Boy, was I hot for those babes! And the most attractive thing to me was the voice of Beauty, which came from Nancy Wilson, and the face of Beauty which was definitely that of her hairy sister Ann. Together they drove me madly in Love….  And that was where my dillemma around blacks and blondes was created, later reinforced by the inability to choose between Agnetha and Anni-Frid….

But if you think life is this simple, you’re  badly mistaken! Back in 2005, I ran into Teedra Moses, which made up my mind: I didn’t need to choose, but instead could just go with All my preferences!

In reality, even though we consciously focus on only a few of the many tantalizing possibilities, our subconscious just does them all! LITERALLY!!!  It sucks them all up like a Nilfisk, where our normal consciousness is just a picky character. He doesn’t want to know about that which he decides is not worthy of his attention. The Higher Self sees that, and actually brings in all of the powers of the Cosmos in order to attract the attention of our ego. It is a bit like sticking a condom into a vacuum chamber, with the opening of it covering a small hole in the wall. Within moments, the condom would be covering the inside of the chamber, and their contents would be the same!

We all know the saying ´There´s a sucker born every minute´, but that is the understatement of the Millennium, since we´re All Suckers! Considering the fact how badly we suck at sex, you´d wonder how we ever evolved into a seven billion supply of Nilfisks. Yep, I was a sucker, and I am still: The right mix of preferences will get me miles high. Does that mean my frequent flyer miles are off the Scale? Nope, because the scale has no end: it is as infinite as the Cosmos!

Did I just make a Boo-Boo? Nope, you may have realised that no two things can be Infinite, unless they both occupy the same space. What you maybe didn’t grok is that the Condom Vacuum Chamber experiment, or SEXPeriment, has two entities containing the same space!  And both have the same scale of size eventually. Now considering that the Cosmos is infinite, and we suck at it All Night Long in our dreams, you can imagine that we feel better waking up than falling asleep. Yet many never seem to have noticed that their progress during the night isn’t completely annihilated during daytime…. In fact, I figure this prompted Led Zeppelin to create Stairway to Heaven, which as we know Sucked Bigtime at our Collective Consciousness!

If you were curious and followed my subliminal lead, you are now hearing the kill the over the Rainbow. Well yeah, how else could she get ahead?  ;-) Dreams like that happen all the time, and we’d love to control them in our sleeptime, which would mean we’d have to practice at lucid dreaming. I always though I couldn’t pick up that trick, but it turned out I did. But in stead of doing it to the Queen All Night Long, I pulled her out of bed and manifested her in my world! Dreaming during daytime is often just considered fantasy, but another SuperSucker made me want to bed her…

I entered her Realm he moment I found her at a  concert where Ronny James Dio and his guys allowed her to make Heaven their home. Queensrijche from Seatlle was not known to me back then,  but despite the fact that this were all guys, something in Geoff Tate’s voice struck my chords. When he did the Queen of the Rijche, I was done for! And I never forgot, but neither did the Cosmos: Queensrijche and Dio in , then when I went to Metallica, they did the foreplay in Leiden too. Finished of the triplet with an orgasmic meltdown in Nijmegen’s Goffert Stadium, where AC/DC picked up the rear. Threes Rock, especially when they leave…. Operation:MindCrime was in full swing by then!

But my dream was far from over, having had a bit of trouble on the work front. Switching jobs like mad after a manic spell, I usually found them about 90 minutes from home, which blankets an area  of about 44000 square kilometers, I found myself accepting jobs with no less than THREE companies who were not related, all in the backwater city called Veenendaal. Actually, I changed jobs for a forth time, but since the new possibility is within the same company, I guess I found home! Now the first job in Veenendaal cost me my first virtual lover, my . The second lasted only weeks, but was the exact spot where I met Teedra! And we all know what happened at Rogan: First Seda set me up and then left me to ponder my misfortune or lack of it, and last week her virtual twin Neda dropped me a line….(by asking me to throw her One Moorelife)

Teedra contained four letters of my name, and though I habitually use only three, she has one of them twice. Neda & Seda are like , but each contain only two of the letters in my preferred first name, and three in all of it. I could probably find more connections, but yes you are right: Lesley Anna Down definitely also had had her influence on me in the past. But don’t get blown away by the Tsunami of Syncs in an attempt to figure it all out. I’ve made that mistake a few times in the past, taking stuff to be true before its Divine Time….

But all is balanced now: the awesome appearance of Neda put  the Ful Frontal Assault of Seda in perspective, leaving me armed with the Trust to Thrust, and the Urge to Unite. Water that down with the acquisition of holographic memory, and my ship has been launched and is on its way…..

Bon Voyage, fellow fleet members….