a message from Akashic Records channeled by MA
Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

When does the spirit or soul enter the body during gestation? What is the life lesson for the spirit or soul attached to the fetus that is miscarried or aborted?

It varies. Some souls wish to have the physical experience of being embodied through every embryonic stage. They will enter right away and stay in the body through the entire process from conception onward. Other souls are not interested at all in the embryonic experience and so they enter the body sometime during the second trimester. Most souls enter the body and then leave it over and over again throughout the course of gestation. We are using these terms enter and leave as if they were distinct actions but they are not. Your soul is not a singular unit. Your souls are holographic. That means that even as you exist as your human self, your soul also exists in other places and other times.Parts of your soul, most of you, have parts of your soul walking around other parts of the planet right now as angels or as spirit guides for other people. Parts of your soul drift off and go to connect with worldwide events or to connect with and be of service to other parts of the world or universe. There is never a moment when your entire soul is fully intact inside your body as part of who you are. You always exist as yourself and as a whole bunch of other things too. To what degree that occurs depends on who you are and what your soul is up to. When we say that a soul or spirit has entered the body of an embryo or a fetus, we mean that the of the soul who will inhabit that human life, has committed itself to that human life and appeared as a form of vibration in the cells that compose the body. Truthfully, nearly every soul has committed itself to its human lifetime before conception even occurs.

At some level, there is the energy of the upcoming person already resides in those cells as they are first beginning to grow, but there is not an entire intact soul. There is not a single soul, or spirit, who relies upon that one body for their life, for any fetus or embryo. Any human being who wishes to live a full human lifetime, chooses to be conceived within a mother whose sole intention and soul plan and soul path will lead her to full gestation and childbirth. Your souls agree with each other and you line up your experiences so they match. If there is a person or a family who will benefit by going through a miscarriage, who has something to learn, something to resolve or something to open up to through the experience of miscarriage, then a soul who wants to experience what it is like to be miscarried will align itself with that embryo so that it can go through miscarriage. If a soul wants to get into a human lifetime as quickly as possible, with no delay, it simply will not commit itself to the embryonic cells within a woman whose life path will lead her to miscarriage or abortion.

Ultimately, as with everything, your souls know exactly what they are doing. Your souls are constantly in contact with everyone in your life at that higher level deciding where everyone is going, what everyone is planning to do and how your needs will line up with the plans of those souls around you. The life path or the life lesson for the spirit or soul attached to the fetus that is miscarried or aborted, also varies. Some people, or some people’s souls, choose to inhabit a fetus that will be aborted or miscarried because they want to experience that because it is interesting. They want to feel what it is to have third-dimensional body, but they really do not have an interest in living through an entire human lifetime. This is probably at least fifty percent of miscarriages and abortions are souls who do not want to live an entire human lifetime, but the do for one reason or another, they have something to learn or something they want to experience by being embodied. This is a quick and easy way to be embodied and to experience physicality without having to go through an entire human lifetime.

There are also many other souls who have karmic reasons to be miscarried or aborted. Perhaps they need to come into embodiment to resolve some karma. Perhaps somehow whatever they have done in their past lives will be resolved or brought back in balance through the experience of going through a miscarriage or abortion. Perhaps they offer that as a gift for the family who needs to experience miscarriage or abortion. It varies; it is different.

Ultimately, as with everything, your souls know what they are doing, they choose their experiences and choreograph themselves with everyone around you. Something will say that has not been said yet, from the perspective of the Akashic Records, it is very clear that the human experience is always available for those who wish to have it. That means that if one soul has gone through the experience of being miscarried or aborted and they truly want to live a human lifetime, they will simply incarnate again into a new human body. Human life is not a one shot opportunity. As most of you have recognized, many of you have done it hundreds, or even thousands, of times before. It all depends on what your soul wants to do from that higher perspective.

What you have determined will be beneficial for your soul path and what you have determined will be beneficial to all of humanity based on what you would like to offer. The ethical or moral question around the choice to have an abortion, really resides on the question of integrity. It resides on the question for any given individual, man or woman, who chooses to enact an abortion is that you must do it out of love. The fundamental grounding for ethics and morality is love. The fundamental grounding for all human experience is love. If you act out of love and behave according to what you feel is right from a place of love within yourself, then you are following your own moral compass. You are following your own moral code. If you do something out of fear, if you react out of fear, hatred or judgment of yourself or anyone else, then you have fallen out of integrity. That is when it becomes less clear to you and everyone around you, what is moral or what is ethical. When it comes to the question of abortion, for any given human being making the choice to have an abortion, you can do it from a place of love. Love and respect for yourself, love and respect for your family, love and respect for the truth of your situation and even it is possible to do it out of love and respect for the potential human being who would be born and recognizing the circumstances they would come into. You can do it out of love, releasing that soul and that potential clearing way for a different soul and a different potential in your future and a different potential for that fetus to grow into a different human family under a different set of circumstances.

You can choose to have an abortion out of fear. Fear that you will be judged, fear that you will not be loved, and fear that you are not good enough to be a parent. There are endless potential fears that can lead one to have an abortion. As most people who have gone through abortion recognize, there is probably a mix of both love and fear. It is a very intense experience to make that choice. As with everything, human beings are always making choices that end the potential for some paths and open the way for new paths. Ultimately, when one chooses to have an abortion, just as one chooses to go to one college or another college, you create the death of a potential. You create the death. You close off the potential for all that might have happened if you had made one choice. When you make the second choice, whatever the second choice is, when you make whatever your choice is, you open the door to a set of new potentials.

All of human life is moving forward through small deaths and small goodbyes to whatever potentials lie before the choice is made and to a new commitment and to an open doorway to the new set of potentials that arises after a choice is made. This is true about choosing to have an abortion, it is true about choosing to go to college, it is even true about deciding what to wear every day. Some of these things have stronger emotions attached and others do not. All of them are part of life; making choices that open you to new potentials. The best you can do is to follow your own moral code doing what feels authentic and true based on your best effort to move toward love and away from fear. (October 2010)

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