Greetings, dear ones, I am of Magnetic Service. The masters had a phrase: "It is well with me, it is well with my soul." 
They would say it even in times before death, in times that were
frustrating, and in times of difficulty. It is because they were focused
on one thing and one reality – that the love of God inside them
creates love of self. We have said this before. We have channelled it
many times. We’ve even told you that it’s the secret to mastery. Get to
the place where you are content with that which is in you, which is
God, and let all of the other things around you slowly develop in
appropriateness as you learn what to do with your life. Do not decide in
advance where you’re going to go or what you’re going to do.

Shortly, we’ll give a that outlines the difference in
energy between the very ancient past, the relative past and the energy
that is in the shift. We’ll give the attributes of how a Lightworker
deals with specifics and how things have changed. It’s coming [given in
Buffalo, New York]. But that’s not today.

Today I wish to give you the profundity of the Akashic system that is Gaia and humanity.
What I want to do is explain your relationship to a system that
seemingly is complex and esoteric, but that literally defines your
relationship with the . Every so often, I will give this kind of
channel, where absolutely nothing in the message is anything you can
prove. It’s not science, but instead it’s spiritual, and this one is
about you.

Is it possible that the whole purpose of Gaia is to
support humanity? Is it possible that Human Beings are not simply
another mammal on a planet moving around the sun? Is it possible that
the energy delivered from the vibratory rate of this planet is based
upon what humanity does and will actually affect the Universe? The
answer’s yes to all. So if that is the case, what kind of a system is
in place that would allow such a thing to be? That’s what we’ll discuss
now in this short amount of time.

The Energy of the Planet and the Akash

Let us speak of Gaia and the Akash.
You might have heard that Gaia is an energy, which is of the planet
Earth. Gaia is sentient [conscious]; Gaia has innate intelligence; Gaia,
therefore, has an intelligent consciousness that "knows" about you.
Gaia is able to converse and speak much like Kryon does. If you have
heard that, you’d be right.

Gaia’s energy speaks in so many
ways, and one of them is seen by looking at the Akash. If you asked
Gaia what this is, it would be defined as the "life force of the
planet." This takes into consideration everything that is alive,
including those things you don’t even think are alive. So the concept
of the Akash of Gaia is huge and is very grand. But tonight, I wish to speak specifically of Gaia’s system of the Akash of the Human Being
in relationship to the earth. We speak of Gaia’s cooperation in the
Human spiritual experience, and that essentially everything revolves
around the Human, even the planet’s purpose.

If we start at the beginning and give simple definitions, we will say that there is a system to keep track of who
is on the earth. Now you may not think Spirit wouldn’t need a system at
all, and you’d be right. But Gaia does, and there is a reason. For
every single Human soul that comes to this place called Earth makes a
difference as a unique energy that actually modifies the life force of
Gaia. So when that soul arrives, Gaia creates a record, and more. So
here come the specifics.

The Cave of Creation

times I have reviewed a concept with you that I again present. Deep
within the earth, there is an interdimensional cavern that will never be
found. It has 3D properties that connect it with Earth reality, but it
is also multidimensional. This is difficult to explain to you since
you only perceive reality in a single-digit dimensionality. So I can
explain all I want, but my explanations fall short of your
understanding. It would be like I spoke to you in your language and
suddenly changed to one you had never heard, where the words were
jumbled, backwards, and all rearranged in a nonlinear way. Not only
would you not understand the message, but the very strange language
itself would be disturbing for you to hear. This is how
multidimensional things appear to you – chaotic. But I will at least
give the information as best I can so you will know the "what," if not
the "how."

The Cave of Creation is one of the only physical
objects on the planet that is a dimensional hybrid. That is to say it
has three-dimensional properties that absolutely you would see and
understand if it were visible, which it is not – for it can never be
found or detected, and it won’t be. Within this mulitdimensional place
is the record of who you are. Again, it’s called the Cave of Creation.

When you come to the planet, this is the first place you visit, even
before the birth canal. When you leave the planet, it’s the last place
you visit before you come home. It, therefore, is the depository of the
record of humanity – all of the lives that humanity have lived and the
very core soul essence of who each of you are. Here is more
information on how it works. It is the Akashic Record.

soul in the Cave of Creation is unique. Let us take yours, for instance.
What is your spiritual name? It’s not a name you can pronounce, dear
one, but rather an energy. That energetic name is partly the name of God
and is recorded in the Cave of Creation metaphorically, as a stripe on
a crystalline structure. The crystalline structure, you might say, is
that which remembers the vibration of who you were. So when you come
into the planet for the first time, there is a crystalline structure
waiting for you (since the potential of your arrival is known). As you
live on planet Earth, Gaia and the entire system "knows" you are here.
Then you pass over to the other side of the veil. When you leave, you
visit the cave again and enhance that crystalline structure with an
energy of everything you have done. Then you leave the earth, but the
crystalline structure with your information remains.

Now, let us say you come back to Earth, and you’re going to have
another life and another earthly name. Before you arrive within the
birth canal, another stripe is added to the crystalline structure.
Note: It is the same soul, but now has stripe number two. As
it develops on the planet, the cave knows you will return and activate
or awaken the stripe every time you return. So, therefore, you have a
crystalline structure for every soul, not every lifetime. Some of the
souls represented have a thousand stripes! So perhaps you might
understand that there are far fewer of these crystalline soul records
than you thought. One for every soul, not every life.

Now I
want to tell you something: There are old souls in this room and
reading this. That’s who you are. Even the one or the two here that have
come to this place not necessarily for the program, but to be with
somebody else, are old souls as well. You don’t have to know about
spiritual things to be an old soul. Many walk this earth and never
awaken to who they are, for this is their free choice. But the fact is
that the Humans who often come to meetings of this kind are the ones
feeling the calling to be part of a shift of the planet, the end of one
age and the beginning of another. These are the ones whose eyes are on
the page now.

The Mysterious Functions of the Cave

the Cave of Creation becomes the Gaia record of who is here and who
has been here. This, then, is the physical part. What I tell you next
is the interdimensional part that is confusing to the Human Being.
Listen: The cave is static in 3D and yet dynamic in multi-D; that is to
say, there are never any crystals added or taken away in 3D. That
means that there’s a crystalline structure for every potential Human
Being who will ever live on planet Earth. Now you might say, "Oh, no, that doesn’t make sense. It sounds like predestination. Spirit knows everyone who is coming?"
No we don’t, but this is not predestination. Instead, the cave is
predisposed in a quantum way to be complete every moment. A quantum
energy deals with potentials, and not empirical [absolute] attributes.
Therefore, as things change on the planet, the cave changes quantumly,
but not physically. The crystalline structure counts do not change. I
can’t explain that to you except to say this is a quantum event. The
cave is always complete. It always has all of humanity in it. It is
connected to the past, present and future.

The very confusing thing for you is that this means you are actually interacting with those who are not here yet. Again,
I can’t explain it any better than that, and your three-dimensional
mind is not ready to go on that journey. But know this.

The cave is complete.

It’s sacred.

It’s sealed forever.

The soul crystals remember your lives and the energy of your lives.

The soul energies within the crystals interact with each other.

The lifetimes you live modify the energy of the cave and, therefore, Gaia.

Gaia is there, since the cave resides interdimensionally within Gaia.

So, in summary, this cave becomes the record of souls, of their many
lifetimes and the energy that they create. Now listen to me, for this is
the focus of this message. Whatever you do on the planet, whatever
vibrational energy you create on the planet, is imbued into these
crystalline substances. The record of that life energy remains on the
planet with the accompanying vibration within that crystal – forever.

and George

say you are Mary tonight. I’ll talk to you. Mary, when you cross over,
the cave is where you’re going. It’s a three-day Earth journey. Mary,
old soul, you’ve been there before. Oh, Mary, you’ve been there before –
and because of that, you go there in joy. You remember it! You know
where you’re going, and you remember what it means. You’re going home.
There is no sting in death, for although there might be a temporary fog
of interdimensional reconnection, you remember the feeling of joy! This
is the promise to you, Mary, that we all take your hand and you feel
it. Death of the Human Being is a transitional energy, not a terminal
one. There is no "end," but rather a journey to an energy that you
remember the moment you take your last breath.

Let us say
Mary is a healer. Let us say Mary has increased the vibration of this
planet by her very presence of walking on the earth. Let us say that
the earth remembers Mary’s footsteps, because Gaia knows who she is.
Let us say that Mary is in touch with her Higher-Self. Let us say Mary
has created a mini-portal wherever she goes because of this, and now
she passes over.

There is a gathering of Humans… much
sorrow. They are so sorry to see her go because she was a marvelous
presence, a wonderful mother and loving Human Being. They cry and there
are tears and there is grieving. Well, here’s the metaphysical truth:
Mary goes to the Cave of Creation and everything she ever was, and the
portal she created as a Human, is imbued into her soul crystalline
structure. That portal then remains because Mary was here! The
marvelous presence, the wonderful mother and the loving Human is not
wasted! It’s imbued into Gaia itself, through the process of the Cave
of Creation, and that energy of remembrance never goes away. It never
goes away! It becomes part of the earth life-force consciousness from
then on.

Then she comes again as George.


Don’t just laugh, because here’s the real process and the beauty of the system. Ready? When George
comes in, he picks up Mary’s record! Then both George and Mary go to
the next area of Akashic teaching, the second of the four parts we are
teaching today. The system continues.

The Akash Within your DNA

that is represented in the crystalline of the Cave of Creation
regarding your core soul crystal is transferred to your DNA at birth.
You transfer it in the Cave of Creation. That’s why you go there. It’s
becomes your personal Akashic Record, every lifetime you’ve been,
everything you’ve ever done is all in your DNA. As we have mentioned
before, this Akashic Record resides in every double helix in a
multidimensional way, and is represented by the billions of in
the 90% of DNA that science sees as junk! Science is looking at it
with 3D eyes and it seems vastly complex with no symmetry or order. It
is, indeed, multidimensional to the max! But it’s all there in a
beautiful system. We have told you that before. But perhaps you didn’t
get the full implications of what it means?

Think. George, you now have George and
Mary in your DNA, but only George’s body is there. So, what is George
going to do with Mary’s lifetime in his DNA? I’ll give you the answer.
Everything that Mary learned is now available to George. Remember that
Mary and George are the same soul, just taking a different form on Gaia
at the moment. The beauty of the system is this: The Higher-Self is
also the same, since it represents core soul energy. Therefore, George
doesn’t have to learn again what Mary learned! It’s in his DNA. Even
the compassionate mother is there. Mary’s spiritual journey is there,
and at a level that could care less about gender, the love of God is
there, created by the journey of a Human soul on planet Earth.

Listen to me. You came into this life and you sit in the hearing
and reading this – and you’re learning spiritual things today. Maybe
you think there is a steep learning curve and so much to know? Maybe
all this is new, and you are overwhelmed with all this information and
the feelings that go with it? Let me tell you, old soul, that you are
simply awakening something you already knew. If you give intent, old
soul, you will remember it!

What if you are a very
old soul on this planet? That means you’re going to have the wisdom of
the ancients in your DNA right now. It means that every page you read
in a Kryon book, you can say, "I remember this. It’s right. There’s nothing new here. But it’s nice to see it in writing."

[Kryon smile]

Let us now look at the first two attributes of the Akash of humanity.
(1) The Cave of Creation is a record of who comes and goes. The energy
thereof stays with the earth and helps the vibration of the planet to
change. Therefore, human lifetimes modify the vibration of the planet.
(2) The DNA of each Human contains the individual record of the one soul
and helps the next incarnation [Human expression on Earth] to become
more aware, if this is their choice.

Look at the first
attribute in this lesson: It’s Gaia related. The cave is in Gaia. It is
deep in the earth and it represents many crystalline structures.
"Known by the earth," you are. Loved by the earth, you are. Those of
you who deal with Earth-like things – nature, animals, even the study
of the rocks and land – can feel it. When you walk in certain places,
you can feel it! The intelligence, which is Gaia, speaks to you. There
is a confluence of energy that wraps around you that says, "I know you. You belong here. It is appropriate that you step upon the planet."
Oh, Human Being, for what you do here will change the Universe
eventually. Can’t you feel it? How many of you have ever walked into a
forest alone and felt the company of the trees? That’s real!


speak of the precious animals all the time and how they’re here to
service humanity and how they do it so completely. I’ve spoken about how
some of them are here to be eaten. Many don’t like to hear this, but
understand that collectively the animals understand this. They have to
be part of the Human , since humanity doesn’t have the ability
to grow things fast enough and distribute that . So that’s a
service, you see? For those of you who are vegan, you might say, "I never eat them!"
That is a choice for your health. It’s appropriate and accurate, but
doesn’t hold true for the survival of the Human race, for animals are
needed for Human nourishment and survival at the moment.

let’s divert for a moment and give you some valuable information about
Human consumption of animal life. Many Humans need to eat them, but
never understanding that the animal knew this when it came in. Is this
too spooky for you? This is known by those who know of animal spirits
and can see the sacrifice and appropriateness of this. It was also very
well known by the ancients. But here is the question, dear Human: How
do you treat them? With that kind of purpose on the planet, how do you
treat them before they become your food? How did the ancients treat
them? Now that’s a hard question, isn’t it? Let me give you an attribute
of truth. Did you know the better they’re treated, the more nutritious
they’ll be within your body? "Kryon, please don’t talk about that. We don’t want to think about it."
Dear one, if not me, then who? Listen, if these animals are willing to
come and be so grand a part of the life-force of this planet and help
it to vibrate higher by keeping you alive so you can make choices,
don’t they deserve respect and comfort while they are growing up? The
end result will be a far better contribution to your health. Let the
scientists lead the way and do some comparison studies to show that the
nutritional values increase dramatically when an animal is honored
during its short lifetime. The ancients knew this and honored each
animal before it became part of their life-force.

There is no
Cave of Creation for the animals. They are here in support of humanity.
Some of them are here to love you and you know that. We speak of the
ones in your home. They’re here to love you – another great service to
Humans. You look in their eyes and they look back. They see the old
soul within you, did you know that? They know the system. But they
don’t live very long, do they? Sometimes there is heartbreak when they
leave. But the good news? Yes, they can reincarnate! They have choice
with you to continue the love affair! I don’t know how many dear ones
in the room are aware of that system and I want my partner to develop
this more clearly so those animal lovers will know this. When their
dear loved animals die, they can continue the love affair if they want
to by looking in the right place and finding the returning soul,
picking it up and continuing what they had. There’s somebody in the room
and reading that needed to hear that. There is a system for their core
souls to return!

So in a way, many animals have souls, too,
but they’re not in the Cave of Creation. They don’t have the profound
system of planetary change that you do, which is a consciousness that
can increase itself by free choice. The Human is the only being on
Earth who can do this, because the Human has divinity in the DNA. It
was implanted there, appropriately and with love, approximately 100,000
years ago by that which is from another star system.

We have
given you all this before. In all appropriateness, the Humans on this
planet received their spiritual seeds from the Pleiadians in a
beautiful way, in an appropriate way, in a divine way, in a perfect way.
There were no wars, no conspiracies, and these beautiful star souls
are still here. They’re your brothers and your sisters and a piece of
them is in you. You’re in a quantum state with them. I can’t explain
that anymore either. But some of you can feel it. Some of you can see
it. It’s beautiful, and it’s not inappropriate, odd or scary. Instead,
it is the real creation story on the planet and can be found in the
indigenous writings all over the planet. Look for references to the
seven sisters and the stories about creation.

In your DNA
surges all that you ever were, old soul, and we have told you in many
channellings how you can access this. This access is not just as
spiritual information, but as the ability to access some of the Human
attributes that you had in the past. The essence of the energy of who you used to be
is in your DNA. Therefore, this Akashic information has the ability to
communicate to the blueprint of your stem cells. Remember, it’s all
within the same double-helix structure that contains the protein-encoded
section, your genes! Are you understanding this? Your DNA is,
therefore, a far larger system than any medical authority has ever
believed it to be. It is an interdimensional system that has the ability
to modify itself at any time. It explains spontaneous remission.
Spontaneous remission is the Human Being who decides they’re done with
the disease, and who then picks up the energy from a past life that
never had the disease. Many Humans have rid themselves of the most
virulent diseases known to man. They suddenly come up clean with no
trace of it – spontaneous remission. The dreaded disease simply goes
away. I’ll tell you, dear one, that is not a miracle from above. That’s a
miracle from within.

The Crystalline Grid – The Third of Four

me tell you number three. There is a grid of appropriateness that is
being activated in this energy today, like never before. It is an
esoteric grid, which means it is spiritual in nature and you cannot see
it. It has a name that should give away what it does. It is called the Crystalline Grid.
Crystalline is the name given to it so you’ll understand it is a
storage attribute of Gaia and it stores life-force information. It is
similar to the Cave of Creation regarding the purpose of the crystalline
structure – information storage.

So let’s refine the
definition from the above for clarity. The Crystalline Grid of Gaia
[the planet] is a grid of the earth that is esoteric [spiritual] and
that stores the life-force energy of humanity, the energy of you. Now
this is different than the Cave of Creation. The cave is a record of
who you are and what you’ve done. The energy of your contribution to
Earth [whatever it is] goes into the cave, becomes part of the earth,
and stays there. The Crystalline Grid, however, is above the earth;
imagine it laying upon the earth. This grid is on the exterior. You
can’t see it, but it’s there.

Now, this Crystalline Grid also
contains imprints of your energy, but is location specific. The best
example I can give you is this. When you go to parts of , you
might feel what has happened there. There are layers and layers of war.
Some of you have a hard time meditating there. It’s difficult to clear
the land, isn’t it, because of what’s happened on the land? The
Crystalline Grid contains everything that ever happened and where it
happened. You see? So it is a location-specific Human energy storage
grid. Is it part of Gaia? Absolutely. It lays upon Gaia like a blanket
of energy of Human consciousness.

Did you ever notice that
when you go to certain parts of the planet where almost nothing
happened significant in Human history, it’s clear and clean and you
meditate better? I want to ask you something. Do you think this has an
effect on where the spiritualists in this new energy come from? Take a
look at where all of the channellers have come from in the last 25 to
30 years. They have come from the pristine lands that never had major
wars [many from the western portion of the USA]. Did you think of that?
Take a look. This is because it’s easier for a Human Being to relate
to a pristine essence of Gaia. It creates a far stronger spiritual
connection. Again, here it is. The connection with Gaia is there – the
connection with the earth. Why the earth? Because Gaia is part of a
measuring system, a vibrational measuring system. There’ll come a day
when the earth is measured for its vibrational attributes – attributes
created by what the Humans did. Collectively, the entire Human
experience lays upon and within this planet, and creates a vibratory
rate that is measurable by Spirit. That’s the Crystalline Grid.

A while ago, we gave you some of the attributes of this Crystalline
Grid that you didn’t expect. It’s in a recent channelling [Berkeley
Springs, ]. You can read and understand even more of the
energy it contains. It even explains ghosts. The Crystalline Grid
contains a quantum imprint so strong in certain areas that even though
the Human Beings have left, the imprint of what they did replays like a
tape. Go find this information if you’re interested.* That’s how profound the Human influence is upon Gaia.

A Summary

here you are with this information. Interesting, isn’t it? There are
three places where your Human energy exists at the same time. (1) The
Cave of Creation – it keeps a record of who you are as you come and go,
and imbues your lifetime of experience to the vibration of the planet
even after you have gone. It is the multidimensional system that
captures the Human experience for Gaia and it stays with Gaia. (2) The
DNA in the Human body helps you while you are alive in each lifetime,
for all that you ever were is information and energy that is stored in
the double helix. All thousand lifetimes are there if you’ve lived a
thousand of them. They are all accessible. You never have to relearn
anything spiritually since it’s cumulative – that is, it stays with you
from lifetime to lifetime. All you have to do is open that spiritual
jar of intent to remember, and out will come the wisdom of the
ancients. This ought to tell you something. All of you are your own
ancestors. Did you think of that? (3) The Crystalline Grid – a
spiritual grid that lays over the planet’s surface that remembers
everything that Humans do and where they do it. This grid is also being
reactivated as you approach 2012, for it is becoming more quantum in
that what you do in real time is being transferred to Gaia through this
grid in real time. This means that the energy of humanity is affecting
the vibrational level of the planet in actual time instead of waiting
to receive the energy after you pass to the Cave of Creation. This also
creates a feeling of time going faster for you.

Look at the
ancestors for a moment, for they knew something. Look at their wisdom.
What is the first thing they did when they started a spiritual
ceremony? They honored their ancestors! They all know intuitively that
their ancestors are still with them. That is always first in their order
of honoring. Before they make decisions, they always go to the
ancestors and ask them for wisdom. The indigenous know how to mine the
Akash, they always have, because they realize the circle of life
contains accessible information. They know it’s inside of them. They
also knew Gaia and considered the earth as a life-force partner – a
partner in their soul life. Oh, dear one, if you study the ancients,
you’re going to find everything I’ve given you today. They knew.
Intuitively, they knew.

The Backup System is Alive

here is something we have spoken of only two times before. Years and
years ago, we gave you some information that we now complete. It may be
hard for you to understand the following, but the three systems I just
gave you are mostly Gaia related. Even the Human DNA is part of the
Gaia system, since it represents a biological evolvement of humanity on
the planet, from the dust of the earth. Yet there is a backup system
for all of it, a redundancy that isn’t the kind of "backup" that you
think of — for your backup is something that is linear, in case you
lose the first one. This "backup" system is one that assists the others
all the time. The information of those three combined Akashic systems
are stored in a living mammal on this planet. It has to be this way,
for it is the final layer and it connects you not only with Gaia, but
it connects you with the rest of the life on Earth in a most profound
way. The system is stored in the whales of Earth.

Let’s talk
about whales for a moment. You love them, don’t you? By the way, ask a
biologist – a dolphin is a whale, just a smaller one. Did you know
that? You love the dolphins, don’t you? Did you realize that the whale
is the only mammal on the planet protected by treaties signed by almost
all of the countries of Earth, even the countries without an ocean?
What a coincidence! There is an intuitive level of all humanity, no
matter what their system of government, no matter where they are, which
knows that you can’t eliminate whales or you’ll change the life-force
balance of Earth. They hold the records. It is the cycle. The whales
are in Gaia; they’re under the water. They’re mammals like you. They
contain the information. The Akashic cycle is complete. The very water
of the earth also glows with everything you’ve done, who you are and
who you might be.

Do you see the profundity of the system?
Look at what it is about: It’s about you. All of it. Why would the
earth be designed so intelligently to keep track of you, to honor you,
to know who you are and the spiritual name you have? Why would that be
unless you were important, unless you were part of the master plan,
unless you had something to do with the Universe’s future. Think about
it. That’s the system. I won’t be the only one to channel this
information to you. There are others who’ve never heard these words,
who will tell you the same thing. If you get a chance, you might even
ask Gaia, and she’ll tell you the same thing.

Gaia exists for
the sacred Human Beings who are on this planet in lesson. I give you
this in love today. I want you to think about something. Everywhere you
walk, you’re known by the earth. What a system! Why do I give this to
you today? It’s so that you continue to feel loved and cared for. It’s
so you know there’s a hand-holding going on between Spirit and you and
Gaia, if you want it. There are so many things here for you if you want
them. Old soul, you sit here for a purpose. Maybe you needed to hear
this today. Important you are, precious you are, and a master you are.
Now go claim it. Live a long time. Be joyful in the process. Don’t make
up your mind what’s supposed to happen. The worst thing you can do is
predispose what God has for you based upon what you think is happening
now. Instead, relax, be joyful in all things, and fall in love with

Leave this place differently than you came.

I am Kryon, lover of humanity – for a good reason.

And so it is.


The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and
distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in
any form except by the publisher.