While its owner was conducting replication experiments last week, Schroedinger got involved a bit too deep. She accidentally wandered into a box of sorts, that she thought would be a good place to give birth to her litter. It was nice and soft in there, and just the right temperature too. And it would be certain she wasn’t missed, because her boss thought she was safe in her basket, yawning sleepily….

New for thought and feeling here….

While Schroedinger laid down on her side so her big furry belly wouldn’t be weighed down by the All of Her, her pet owner was scratching his scalp. He was sure he’d left that notebook somewhere, and normally he would just shrug and let it go, but the backup memory in his skull had deserted him just like his wife had. The only pussy in the neighborhood had taken a fancy to him, and so he’d let her stay, even if she wasn’t his species.

He yawned, and stretched out both his arms in relaxation. Maybe that would jog his neurons into firing one more time. The only fire he now detected in his desire had to do with a cold one…  But it wasn’t the type normally found in a fridge: it was  the fridge (as he called it) which was on the blink and could no longer remain absolutely cool. Yes, absolutely cool: .17 Kelvin, when electrons slow down to a crawl, so he could stop the stream of transformed matter long enough to be able to adjust it to rule out the errant bits, that caused the copy degradation. If only he could remember where he’d left the files for the configuration of the genetic resequencer, the feedback loop would be complete again. Then the whole matter transformer could again come online.

Meanwhile Schroedinger wondered what Felix was doing, but she couldn’t be bothered to go and check. These cushions were so soft and fluffy, she broke into labour just as Felix found his files again. He’d drowned them in the material he downloaded  for other more sinister purposes. He installed the lot, meanwhile keeping an eye on his ulterior motives, as Schroedinger’s first dropped onto the velvet: it was a tiny kitten, quite helpless as kittens go. She licked it clean, whilst pondering its name. The hairs on his little skull stood to attention, and reminded her of a scimitar held high by a Persian . "Good name", she figured, and handed the weapon to him.

Number two followed suit, making it an even pair: he shot out, nearly bouncing his baby brother out of the box. "Colt will do nicely", Schroedinger thought, because it felt  appropriate. Giving the his badge, she figured she could rest for a while, because the others weren’t so pushy yet. She heard Felix rummaging around the lab, trying to get the imager to follow his lead. She knew exactly what he was involved with, but of course it would never work. Duplication may seem like a neat trick, as long as you believe in the Separateness of the Cosmos. In her Oneness, Schroedinger had already seen right through his elaborate notes on the blackboard, caught the error in his thinking with one fell swoop of her clawlike intuition, and had spent  literally weeks trying to get him to enhance his intuition by relaxing his mind into more Uniting thoughts.

"Oops, better brace myself, for the third is about ready to emerge. Good thing she’s a girl, because her lack of comprehension would probably force me to call her Blondie", Schroedinger thought as she struggled to get the little pussy out. As it fell onto the velvet, Mum dyed her yellow, and left her to dry in between her two older brothers.

Next up was a heavy hitter, who had been kicking and screaming to get out for weeks. She’d named him Hadron, after the collider recently built. He popped out nearly tearing her apart, but the Oneness prevented any damage she might have incurred throughout the ordeal, just like she believed it would. Sounds from the lab had her worried a bit, because she still hadn’t seduced Felix into letting his hair down and unloading all those worries into the downloads he kept safe from prying eyes on the deepesl level of the 6 Terabyte RAID5 system which was completely shielded from the rest of his invention. "Figures", Schroedinger thought, because the downloads were no invention, but a discovery of the principles of Creation. As such they were every bit as important to the ultimate result as the more clinical details which were spread out over all of the lab. 

Our expectant Mum could do nothing more about it right now, because the more urgent task of evacuating her bulging belly took priority over Felix’ needs.  The next female feline slid out, and dropped dead where she landed. Schroedinger nudged it, to ascertain its demise, and then named her Demi because in Ultimate Reality, she was still Moore than just a ghost. She moved the lifeless little furball to the side, to make room for number six. This little lady came out breathing heavy, but immediately started helping mummy get her cleaned up. "Yep, that’s Vanity Six alright!", Schroedinger thought as she heard Felix put on the CD

When number seven came into the world, Schroedinger called it Clash, because of the obvious war for dominance between the band and the movie. She felt ok, albeit a bit hungry with that empty belly. Pretty soon her supply of creamy milk would be depleted, and she’d have to leave the nest to forage for more. A small commotion came to a head when she noticed a struggle for her nipples. She looked up from her Zen-like meditation, and found the Magnificent Seven having a go at them. Seven? she asked herself. "Yeah Mum, number Five is Alive" said Clash, talking about her bigger brother. 

Felix hit his head against the underside of the table, which he’d been reaching under to retrieve his screwdriver. One more screw, and he’d be able to fire her up: SerenDuplicity would be able to duplicate him if all went well, reducing his anxiety by half because he’d splice the information in his brain, so as to dumb himself down. It was quite a while ago he’d decided he was way too smart to ever attract any of his preferred kind of woman, but fortunately for him he didn’t think himself dumb enough to fuck up a machine that would enable him to adapt to the less intelligent and way looser environment he preferred. He’d done lots of tests on lower lifeforms, with very satisfying results, so his first human subject would soon be split. But how would he call the duplicate? He stopped to think, and felt that Feel-xXx sounded good. As he hit the power switch, a soft humming indicated power being fed into the Icebox. Knowing the big chill would only be acquired in about 33 minutes, his greatest excitement became a Long and wet shower, anticipation his seduction power…

Hadron stretched, and looked around for his mum. With her being on kitchen detail, and him being as hungry as an alligator on a rubarb diet, he just had to do something to relieve the pain in his tummy. Exercising his right to move, he clawed himself to the light, remembering Mikey’s famous reply: when the cabby asked him: "Are you thinking what I’m thinking?", the clever boy replied: "Yeah, Lunch!!!". That gave him the strength to be like Mikey, and he made it out of the nest, and down the hallway. The door even was ajar, so the corridor was right where he expected it. As he mosied on down the hall, a busty blonde saw him and burt into motherly love. She knew this must be one of Schroedinger’s kittens, because Felix had told her everything about his pregnant cat. She stooped down from her six inch stiletto’s, picked the tiny furball up, and tucked it away safely. Maybe Felix would finally be interested in her, if she returned him his pussy…

As Felix rubbed down his body, his mind checked the specs for one last time, just to make sure his calculations for the physical transfer were correct. He di like his body, which stood 6’6" and had the appearance of a real Jock. What he didn’t like was his , which had been trained on too much porn to maintain a reasonable expectation of the female form. Just as he put on his underwear, the doorbell rang. Since his home was his castle, he wasn’t fearing anything that would come through that door. He walked to it, and swung it open, to reveal the furry and voluptuous bosom of Haley, his nextdoor neighbor. Yeah, if she was concerned, he wouldn’t have to go through with this experiment, because Haley Cometh was built like all his favorite Princesses: reaching just up to his nose, and being a fanatic Gym teacher, her body was to die for, which could not be said of her mind. Of course she didn’t mind, even marveled at his brilliant mind, but reciprocity demanded that he lose a bit of smarts.

He let her in, secretly envying the little kitten clung to her left breast. Boy, would he be ecstatic if that were him…  With the perfect chill still 16 minutes away, he made them some tea, and sat down next to her on the couch, as a tiny meme materialized in his mind. Given a few minor modifications, he could probably get SerenDuplicity to work some magic of an entirely different magnitude. His cerebellum ran hot, as he chatted with her through the basic functions of his primal mind. That was more than enough to keep her busy, while he set her up for a candid duplication, which would enable him to enhance her intelligence, and then escape with her twin before Haley ever had an idea that she’d been duped. When he was satisfied the plan would work, he led her into the lab to impress her with his wizardry. Showing her the twin pods and the elaborate machinery in between, the girl nearly fell asleep from the story that bounced off her chakras. She felt bored, but not quite the bit of bored that she’d have loved to. But hey, if he needed all that foreplay, her feminine instincts would gladly let her play along, to see what would develop.

Hadron, having been released from his orange hideout, was exploring the lab as well. He was still hungry, and looking for clues in all the wrong places. Just as he decided that this was a dead end, he heard the clicking of Haley’s heels on the black metal. One thud, and the pod ws closed. Hadron meowed, causing Haley to notice him. She picked him up again, and returned him to his orange skybox. From that vantage point, Hadron peered through the viewport,  and saw Felix frantically making his moves. He tried to warn Haley, but being more concerned with him than with any sign of danger, the poor girl never saw it coming….

One last adjustment, and Felix hit the trigger that would start the entire process. He was sure he hadn’t made any mistakes, so as soon as he’d escorted Haley to the door, he could free Elly from the other pod, to welcome her to his romantic hideout in the hills. The interfaces held to expectation as the buildup began. No annoying alarm sirens, or flashing blue dialogs. He only discovered a slight mass inconsistency, and some invalid strings in the DNA readout module. OK, so she had some cats’ hair  on her clothes. He knew about rambler, the stray she’d picked up recently. Other than that there were no anomalies, and as the final chime indicates completion, he headed for the door behind which he’d left the original….

Kicked off the system, see you later!