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Thursday, 28 October, 2010

When white light is directed through a glass prism, it is refracted into various colors of the spectrum. When the light of our being shines in our awareness, it is refracted into the qualities of light. Those qualities of light are the basic constituents of our being: freedom, infinite intelligence, harmony, divine order and so on. The cumulative and consummate experience of the qualities of light is the experience of joy.Joy is the effervescence of the light. It is the unbounded fountain of bliss that emanates from every aspect of existence. Joy is the silent explosion of the light as it dances in and through the cosmos. The awareness of joy is the awareness of the totality of light and life. It is an experience of magnificence.

Contained within joy are all of the “colors of the spectrum,” or qualities of the light. Joy is the recognition that…

Light is what we are, the energetic core of our being;

Freedom is the awareness that we are without limitation or restriction of any kind;

Intelligence is in knowing we are connected with and have access to infinite awareness;

Harmony is living in tune with the symphony of the cosmos;

Flow is floating with the current of light that exists within us;

Order is the natural and divine structure of existence in which we reside;

Love is the glue that binds all;

Expression is openly giving forth the light of our being;

Unity is our oneness with everything;

Design allows us to be creators of our own reality and the artists of our life’s painting;

Truth is that which is, the recognition of light as fundamental to our being;

Peace is the closing of the inner chasm into a wholeness of the inner self;

Silence is the womb for the light of the cosmos.

Joy is what remains when we unlock the shackles that prohibit us from the experience of higher consciousness. Joy awaits us as we climb out of the box of our thinking minds into an infinitely expansive reality. Joy is a coming home, an awareness of the fullness of our being and all of what we are. Joy is realizing that we are all dancing and gliding through the cosmos, carefree, light and easy.

Joy is relating to the “I-am-ness” of our existence. In other words, it is going beyond the mere experience of a quality of light to actually being that quality. Instead of just experiencing love, we are love. Instead of experiencing freedom, we are free. The realization of I AM light or I AM is the full incorporation of the cosmos into our awareness. The “I-am-ness” is an ownership and full acceptance of who we are, not just various experiences coming and going through our field of perception.

In cosmic consciousness, we are in joy. We have expanded beyond the personal self, as well as past the planetary, solar, galactic and universal levels of consciousness. One cannot encounter the higher levels of consciousness without removing the chains that keep us in limited awareness. Joy is a natural byproduct of rising high into consciousness, beyond the self-imposed limitations of the lower levels of awareness. Joy is an inherent aspect of our light being.

The perception of joy is a feeling of “being home.” It’s a profound experience in which one feels he has arrived at his destination. It’s a returning to one’s roots, one’s core and one’s essence. For one who has pursued self-discovery, joy is the bliss of knowing “this is who I really am.” It’s a return to our original source.

In a sense, joy can be seen as a reunion. Though it has never been apart from us, joy can escape our field of awareness. We return to experience the “colors of the spectrum” as we would greet our former classmates at a school reunion. We return to our freedom, love, order and unity. We greet our harmony, peace, truth and intelligence. And in this reunion, we feel not only the deep connection with existence, but that we are an integral aspect of the whole. We are of the light.

Ultimately, joy is a celebration of the light and our being. Joy is a song and a dance – and so much more. Joy is the inner fireworks that light up our awareness. It is the cheering of our existence, enthusiastic for who and what we are. It is an exclamation of every cell in our bodies that we are infinite and fully alive. Joy is our natural state.

Not all of us are fully aware of our nature as light beings. Becoming an infinite human is as simple or as complex as becoming aware that we are the totality of existence. In rising to the transcendental state, we open our eyes to the magnificence that we are. We realize that every human being is an infinite human being.

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