Coming up for air between Haley’s fuzzy bust and the rowdy kittens in my living room, I went looking for Mel Gibson with Image Search. That lead me through a Dark from to Mad Max Gibson….

While eclipsing some Tasty White Chocolate in the shape of a ‘P’, my eldest graphically scratched an itch halfway down her pyjama legs, whilst her male mate agreed….. which sent me flying of to for some dark hair in a pair of Long Johns:

To which Silke replied: "Do you want to eat my blanket?", which took me straight back to Dusk and Dawn, to Julliette Lewis’ Nasty proposition, left unshaven by the bearded lady, and her Satanic Divinity:

No wonder I am having Sleepless Nights in Zutphen of All Places! If someone slipped me those, my Faithless’ Insomnia would be cured, as well as our own!

This Total Dark Body Meltdown elicited a fast exchange of Will in the room behind me:

Menco: I hate you! (to Silke)

Mad Mel: That is Personal Preference. Wrong Move!

Menco: I don’t care!

Silke: (stayed  wisely silent, as if she didn’t mind, which she really didn’t)

With this orgy of Wisdom coming from the mouths of today’s youth, and joyfully streamed to the Web by yours truely, Moorelife reaches it seventeenth climax. Silke burst into ecstacy as I typed this, but knowing their avarice for avatars and rice after midnight (being true to their Gremlin nature), I know I might appear crosseyed after dark….(Me being a )

Laura’s closing remark: Get that foot out of my ass!