Not just a great song available at , but the prelude to my next ditty, before Dreamland….

I figure she was waiting for it, and sent her congratulations named THE GREAT TURNING the moment she became aware of what had happened here at . But then again, experience shows I might  well be totally wrong, and that title appeared totaly coincidental to my meeting of minds and hearts with Endra.

;-) Nah….

Still though, to me it was meaningful and beautiful, to at least have the idea One Being out there knows about me, and cares deeply. That’s the kind of stuff that drives me, instead of the Question. Unless of course the question is: "Does anyone love me?"  But I doubt was referring to something that obvious…

GOOSEBUMPS!!! All the way through! I’ve seen it dozens of times, but she just won’t let go! And it was Love at first sight: no mention of Trinity when I heard about the Matrix, but the title in itself was enough to make the decision: "Wow, I’ve got to get me one of these!!"  That by the way was Steven Hiller a.k.a. Will Smith in , after just having driven an alien fighter shuttle out of Area 51. No-show on youtube, but you know what I mean!

It’s the excitement that drives us, just like Bashar mentions time and time again! I’m not gonna post him yet again, because we already heard him often enough. Let’s instead leave one of the debunkers to make themselves useful by performing the function which is their highest excitement: to suppress the excitement in others, presumably because they don’t feel excited, so why should anybody else?:

Dude, get alive!  Never mind about getting addicted to anything, because you already are: you are addicted to pity! Heck, you even pity us, for not feeling as down in the dumps as you are. But that’s alright. You get what you want: so you will always have a plentyful supply of physical atrocities to make you feel better…

And pity, that I don’t do! You have my compassion though, and the wish that you may soon find that one thing which will get you looking at the world and the surrounding Cosmos through new eyes. How about new glasses?

Love you still though!