Ain’t she HOT?!?!?  ’s leading vocalist set my heart on fire the moment I first heard that tigress roar. It’s one of those things, you know? When you look at a diamond right after it was cut, and suddenly see that reflection of her core because you just happened to slice your eye right through one of her many facets, she takes you by surprise!

Being highly reflective, that core hits you
right back in the eye with both of your combined powers. But combined is
not the right term for the sheer intensity of your entwined backfire.
DNA rocks, so recoiling light will have you spinning around the Cosmos
in that One Singular Moment!

The holographic nature of it All reveals itself from the fact that you
have no idea how many of her various facets you holed in One at the same
time. For a physical gem, this would result in a massive light jam at
the core, exploding it from the buildup of internal restructuring:
temperatures that high do make a great environment for change, so would
the structural integrity of it hold?

In the All that is, no restrictions to this game of inflection and
reflection exist. When we observe, we can split up our senses in as many
facets as we like: hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting, smelling and
preferring. Is that the sixth sense? Yes, I feel it is…

Hearing for instance is again split up in many smaller facets,  called
frequency bands, but at the same time it’s being filtered and
preprocessed by the responsible area of the bicameral mind to make it
able to distinguish instead of extinguish the discrete streams of aural
gobbledigook that sometimes offends our inner ear.

In this, I am
an experience expert: In highschool, in the fair city of Goes, the
, I once joined the school radio club (PI1GOE). We were not
interested in local fame, so our club had acquired a Ham Radio License
enabling us to operate an old transceiver in the shortwave bands. We had
a ball up there in the attic, right under the roof that supported our
antennae. But when I started there, and the guys let me at her, I couldn’t 
understand a word she spoke! In the end, I had to sit and wait for a
whole week, watching them take turns on her multiband carrier wave. And
all that time, while I was sitting there idly, my did a
major reconnect to rewire my audio to shortwave / high static
environments. But I digress, even though I’d love to write a book about

But I’m already on a gem of a story, so let’s get on with it. I used the gem analogy before, to describe people’s view of their deity. Religions then were the facets, that allowed light to shine on the core of the crystal. But at the same time, they restrict the core from being fully experienced. Having always avoided churches because I thought them freezeframes of the true Source. But the analogy holds that both our attractions to Gods and Mere Humans follow along similar paths: 

  • Depending on your openness (opacity), your light may be able to reach outside.
  • The number and orientation of your facets decide which directions you can shine according to yourself.
  • But in fact you can always reach every point in space, just by changing your orientation.
  • Once you shine the light  of your attention on anything, your light affects it.
  • Depending on the directions from which you are coming, the penetration of your light may vary.
  • Depending on the opacity of the other, your light may or may not be welcomed.
  • Depending on the direction of itself, the other may decide whether she wants to alter her course.
  • What happens next is private, but also very rude…..

But lets keep it gemming instead of slamming: back to the faceted facade of crystal mechanics:

In fact the list above was a single excitation, through a single facet pair. Now imagine you have infinite mirrors available, to design your reflection pattern with regard to your objective. Seems darn easy to surround your sister in the mirror house if you either positioned the mirrors so you’d be able to hit her on more facets, right? Or maybe even move the mirrors by means of other crystals. How many mirrors do you think you’d need to drive her crazy in a nice sort of way? Any guesses?

No, sorry guys, there are no explicit mirrors, not even spoons.  You just have this infinite space, dotted with diamond stars for as far as you can see. OK, how do we increase our influence on our objective? The starry sky is up there, and you see them hanging out together, far away from your third rock from the Sun, and your surface dwelling on it. You could try lessening your opacity, to enhance your Light. That would at least extend its reach. You could re-orient yourself, so as to bounce off different sattelites. That might mean that you get something different than you mean. You could move, but that too is no guarantee for a static-free interface between you and your objective. You could try to get her to lighten up (decrease her opacity), but don’t push it, don’t force it, let it happen naturally:

Another way is to change the number and orientation of your facets, so less re-orienting is needed. Even the old Greeks knew this, since the Uomo Universale is nothing more than such a gem of a human who has the drive to become as multifaceted as possible. They observe in all directions, and can aim their skills in any direction:

Now what diamond can shape itself without the help of a diamond cutter? None right? So how would my friend Da Vinci do it? Well, he visited me last night in my sleep, so I asked him. He told me that  he too did not rely on his own prowess in diamond cutting, but on the blind diamond cutter who lives inside his heart! Since he is the one of Da Vinci’s many facets, the Master Inventor in turn takes good care of the vehicle that holds said living pump. But then that’s part of the facets he loves to maximize. 

It is my experience, that eventually, the precise mix of opacity, re-orientation, movement and reflections off any reflective surface become a subconscious talent, which at one point is bound to surface  and break the ice of your realizations, just like the transport to did to take Vin Diesel and his two ladies home in Babylon A.D. Then, you suddenly see that the dynamics of riding a bike are nothing more than a tiny fragment of you infinite subconscious. Savants are born with exceptional skills in some areas, where Uomo Universale strive to achieve that perfection on as many fields as possibly attainable. The true Masters realized there is perfection, except the State that has always been, will always be, and that is Now!…

Now I know where my passion for comes from… And who of you can find me the real mirrors in this story?

And on a last note, I showed a friend of my daughters the 4 Laws vid, realizing during the watching that many facets of it reflected my article as well, unless he got there first. So let’s invite these hot twins as well: Daryll and !