26 October 2010 – 8:09am
Channeler: Matariki Dimension

I received this message from Mother Mary yesterday evening. I have written about the crazy energies I have felt over the past few days when I have felt wild as the wind. This morning I feel like I did in the early stages of pregnancy … kind of queasy.

Oh .. these down loads …

Anyway here are her words …

Yes, I have spoken of these gaps within where you can see the truth of who you really are.

And you are seeing this.When you smile at people you pass on the street.

When you want to reach out and connect with another to make them feel good and lighten their day.

This is the Power of You.

Do not be afraid of who you are.

Do not deny others the gift of your self.

You are needed now.

Be all you are.

This energy which you are feeling.

You know this and remember it well.

All the other selves return to you.

And you so you smile with this knowledge.

For what else is it there , my dear.

This love, this pure song from your hearts is your divinity signature vibration.

Joy is yours and what is joy if it is not shared.

Let the flame of your heart burn brightly so that many more can see their way.

You were made for sharing.

And, if the energies are burning too intensely let nature ease this a little.

Let your light flow down into the crystals beneath your feet so that many more can feel this energy.

Feel love.

Be love.

You are the warriors of Love.

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