Up early, like the proverbial bird, and when my system hit the web my feet hit the floor running. No morning update, because today the hunting party would be in my domain, the Test Lab. As lord and master there, I couldn’t very well leave my guests without a prey, although part of me wanted the biggest prey for myself….
But hey, why not stage a virtual hunting party right now, and do a number on her before the party gathers?

Ok, target Neda, weapon of choice: the CD to be produced by my little
demonstration after lunch. I dropped into the image cache, for
suitable hunting grounds. Found a nice little 1700 square pixel space
called Earth. Added the Rogan-Delft logo in an easily accessible
place, just to throw the dogs off her scent. Now I needed her to be
present, or the thrill of the kill would be a mere dud for this dude…
Oops, Google pointed me to an identification problem: a couple of
different Nedas, all equally gorgeous. Who to gorge on when this is All
Followed a lead and burst out laughing: Neda Kanni from sounded
sweet, but at the same time not like the prey I desire: Kanni sounds
quite like ‘kan niet’ which is Dutch saying she was not an option!
Nope, they were right: the Neda on my mind was married, and as such
‘Kanni’. But my next search would be a typical case of "the Lord taketh
away, and Giveth": a very deep contrast took my attention to the fact
that we are All Neda!
I played around with my prey the way a pussy toys with hers. Nope, too
personal to not let on I’d bagged her already. Too obvious I was out for
the kill, but then again, she apparently had already been killed:


Aghan Soltani died in , like the Neda of the course lives in . How to include
that juicy bit of local lore into my presentation?
We are All Neda… We are all Nederlanders! Geert Wilders desperately wants to keep
them out, and I’ve never really agreed with him on that. So why not
stiff him in the process? Ah, right, Kanni: he is already as stiff as a
board. Perhaps I can snuff him, because Neda Aghan Soltani’s death
proved to be somewhat of a conundrum: was she killed by Irani forces,
still alive, or snuffed by her fellow rebels to make it all that more
realistic? Well, since we are all Neda, and therefor also All
Netherlanders, I’d jus bring all those veiled beauties to Holland, right
under Wilders nose. The olfactory organ he wields doesn’t reach that
far, and is even too small to safely support any spectacle that would no
doubt enhance his vision…
So my Nedas would be quite safe here, even from me!

Next up was Trevor Castelino, one of my more humorous colleagues. I heard him deliver his speech to the students last monday, and his repeated use of the term Best of Breed had then invoked feeling of wonder in me. Now, the latches clicked in place, the lightbulb went on, and I could see how to implicate and impersonate him in this little folly.

Then the Cosmos blared at me to get a move on! Having barely reset the
alarm on my phone, the next image search reminded me again that time was
up, but then again, the hunt was over for now: in my audiolinguistic
mind Agha Soltany sounds as much as Again in Solitude. Single again,
freed from life as she knew it, Neda was now ready for my next hunt,
which would be to merge with All of Her, right in front of the hunting
But first, the chase for the train!

Love your thrills,