Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Saturday, 9 October, 2010 

Humanity has been through some incredible shifts of ,
vibration, and consciousness this past summer. Now the I AM Presence,
the God Self of each person, is able to communicate more effectively
within the heart and conscious mind. These powerful shifts allowed our I
AM Presence to burst the bonds of our manipulative human ego. Once
that was God Victoriously accomplished, our I AM Presence escorted this
wayward aspect of our personality into the schools of learning in the
Inner Planes where it will be transformed.

Our human ego is no
longer able to manipulate us or to block our forward progress the way
it has for aeons of time. This is allowing people everywhere to awaken
at an accelerated pace. When people awaken, they lift their hearts and
minds, which, in turn, raises their consciousness and allows the Light
of God to increase on Earth. When our consciousness is raised and the
Light of God increases in our lives, we begin to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” 

We do not need to fully comprehend just why this wondrous event
occurred during this particular time, but know that it is the result of
the dedicated work of millions of and the entire Company
of Heaven over decades of time. Now, day-by-day, the newfound freedom
from our human ego is enabling us to more easily hear the “still small voice within.”
This phenomenon has the wonderful effect of allowing us to clearly
perceive the Oneness of Life and the that all Life is
interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent. We now realize beyond a
shadow of a doubt that we are One with ALL Life and that there is no
such thing as “us and them.”  Our erroneous belief in
separation is what has caused the pain and suffering people are
experiencing all over the world.  Our responsibility now is to heal the
polarization that was created by our human egos. Never have
circumstances been more perfectly aligned to accomplish this migh ty

Just imagine, the I AM Presence within each person can
now act unimpeded by the sabotaging antics of the human ego. All we
have to do is ask our I AM Presence to take dominion of our thoughts,
words, feelings, and actions and to guide us through our daily
experiences with and for ALL Life. This
will help us to stay focused in the Light as we transmute the obsolete
behavior patterns that were associated with our human egos.

Our Etheric Bodies are known as “the seat of all memory.”
Everything we have experienced through all of our Earthly sojourns is
recorded in this vehicle. That means that the memories of our human
ego’s devious schemes and deceptions are recorded in this vehicle. Since
we are all creatures of habit, if we do not stay focused on our I  AM
Presence, it will be easy for us to have a reflex response to our life
experiences that imitates our ego’s behavior. That will occur, simply,
because that is the way we were used to acting in the past. It is our
responsibility to be PRESENT in every moment of our lives. Daily and
hourly, we must think and feel aligned with our I AM Presence BEFORE we
respond to a situation. Move away from any trace of fear and say to
yourself, “I AM my I AM Presence. From this level of Divine
Consciousness, how will I respond to this situation? How will I add to
the Light of the world with my thoughts, words, feelings, actions,
belief s, and attitudes in this instance?
” Then with listening Grace, respond to the Divine Guidance of your I AM Presence.

Without the interference of our human egos, we will hear the guidance
of our I AM Presence in new and profound ways. This has been extremely
difficult in the past, but that is over. Everything has changed! Listen
and Trust yourself.

An easy test to be sure you are
responding to the guidance of your I AM Presence and not merely
connecting with the etheric records of your human ego is to ask
yourself “Is this response free from fear? Is it the most positive
way of handling this situation? Does this response involve the highest
good for all concerned? Am I adding to the Light of the world by
responding in this way?
” If your answer is “NO” to any of these
questions, the guidance is not coming from your I AM Presence. You are
responding from a residual habit of your ego from the past.

Instead of acting out of that old habit, center yourself and ask your I
AM Presence for guidance again. Do this as many times as you need to
until you are able to answer “YES” to all of the questions.

Many people are not aware on a conscious level that their I AM Presence
has succeeded in bursting the bonds of their human ego and that they
are now free from their ego’s fear-based manipulation. They may not
even realize that they have an I AM Presence. Consequently, they will
not know about asking their I AM Presence these important questions
before responding to the situations in their life. These people are
going to be more prone to act out of the old habits and the obsolete
behavior patterns of their human ego. But, fortunately, there is an
answer to this problem, and the Company of Heaven is asking for our
assistance in resolving this situation.

Since we are One with
ALL of our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity, we can
invoke their I AM Presence on their behalf. Everyone still has the free
will to ignore the inner guidance of their I AM Presence, but without
the interference from their human ego they will hear this guidance much
more easily. The important thing to remember is that our I AM Presence
is very practical, therefore the guidance always involves viable
options and solutions that will enhance our lives and the lives of
others. It is hard to keep resisting this kind of guidance. As we
perpetually invoke the I AM Presences of our sisters and brothers
around the world and ask THEM to intervene in their lives, eventually,
even the most resistant person is going to respond to the heart call of
their I AM Presence. Then that person will see the life-enhancing
results of their actions, which will motivate them to listen to that
inner guidance on a regular basis.

It is impossible for us to
truly comprehend the magnitude of what it means for all of us to be
free from the manipulation of our egos, but our lives have been
transformed. Instead of feeling like we are struggling to accomplish
our goals by walking through tar with gale force winds blowing in our
face, we are now empowered in new ways by our I AM Presence and the
Divine Intervention of the Heavenly Realms. The patterns of perfection
we focus on for our individual life and our collective lives as the
Family of Humanity, will manifest much more quickly. Through the newly
created template of Unity Consciousness and Humanity’s newfound freedom
from our human egos, we will cocreate the New Earth in a very tangible
way sooner than we ever dreamed possible.

Daily and hourly,
things are going to get better on this planet. Pay attention, and
empower only that which reflects the Higher Order of Being associated
with your I AM Presence. Then you will automatically empower the
patterns of perfection for the New Earth through your thoughts, words,
actions, and feelings.

KNOW that through your I AM Presence,
you are the Divine Qualities of Liberty, Divine Justice, Freedom, and
Victory freeing Humanity, and all of the energy bonds within Humanity,
which include the relationships and the interactions of all people, all
races, all religions, all organizations, and all nations. You are your
I AM Presence liberating these interactions into the harmony of a
Higher Order of Being, thus expanding the influence of Humanity’s I AM
Presence on Earth. You know this Higher Reality within your heart and
mind, and through your I AM Presence you are a calm ocean of these
Divine Qualities flooding the Earth. 

We have God
Victoriously made a quantum leap up the 5th-Dimensional Spiral of
Evolution. There is no turning back! Be at Peace, and enjoy the ride.
Your time has come.   And so it is.