Sunday, 26 September, 2010  (posted 5 October, 2010)

, I call to your hearts now. I ask you to reach for
the experience of this Love. I ask you to open up your heart that you
might perceive this truth, this unity of life, this hologram in which
everything that I Am is present everywhere.

Every stream of life
can claim the richness, the breadth, the unlimited and dynamic joy, the
infinite support. The movement of this Love knows itself as you becoming
intimate with Me. Ever more aware of the outreach of God I Am as your
conscious heart, you reorient your focus, and the world in which you
live becomes the expression of this life that is overflowing with
endless good. Each and every particle is alive within your being and
each can be expressed through your heart to become this hologram of Love
everywhere you look.

It is time to end the separation, the
separation, beloved ones, from your eternal good, from the infinite
supply of everything that you need to be the I Am in
constant celebration of this perfect gift of life lived ever in
communion with Me.

Your focus now becomes critical because the
world of duality is rising up for change. You are the conscious heart of
Love that, by its focus, claims that which is created as the world.
Only through the acknowledgement and the experience of the truth of Love
can you recognize the truth that lives through the illusion that has
been placed before you by the ego mind. Your heart can see and feel the
truth of Love and hold the vibration of what is Real… that the
experience of this unity, this constant gift of All That Is reaches the
awakening heart of Love I Am that is you.

When you hold this
awareness as the experience of your life, then you can walk right
through the illusion of lack, of suffering, of loss and pain…right
through the world as you have known it… By the focus of your heart, you
bring into view that which is the expression of the expanding heart of
Love, the infinite good, abundant life, and endless supply, the radiant
experience of joy…all of which is your true inheritance and all of which
is yours to claim.

It is not only yours to claim, dear ones. It
is imperative that you claim it. It is imperative that you hold your
open heart as your vehicle through which you live, for your heart will
bring you the experience of the truth until it becomes the essence of
your being. It becomes the resonance that you hold and thus, it is that
which will coalesce the electrons into atoms, into molecules that become
the picture of life in a world of perfect Love, of unity and peace and
grace because your heart and consciousness are focused here in Me.

focus, beloved ones, is how you claim it. You claim the truth that this
hologram of life is filled with divine good, and that it instantly is
yours to claim the moment that it becomes your experience.

So what
I Am saying to you now is that the world of duality is changing as the
Light reveals that which has been hidden. As it changes, dear ones,
there is great need for those who hold the magnetic resonance of the
I Am… as the Whole of life in you solely experienced, Real
in every moment. In this way it becomes your heart’s magnetic resonance,
drawing to you symbols of the life I Am in you, expressed, beloved
ones, as your world and your experience in life as the abundance of God I
Am brings it to you.

When you recognize what lives within your
powerful and fiery heart, when you realize that you are the very Moment
of Creation, when endless Love is singing in every electron of your
being and your heart is ever alive to this communion with Me…then the
images of the dualistic world will rise before you as only mist that you
can easily penetrate. As you penetrate the mist of the illusion of
lack, the illusion of Love and something else, your experience of
perfect life given to you in meditation, given to you in those moments
of perfect heart communion, leads you infallibly into a new experience
of what life is that beams forth through your heart to hold the Real
vibration of the life of God as the world, and present fully in Me.

is only when this is Real to you that your heart can truly accord it
and your consciousness can recognize what it sees and claim it as the
truth of your being. I have said to you that with your open heart you
can walk through every illusion, even the illusion of the world around
you exploding or disintegrating. Your every step will be perfect peace,
the stepping stones appearing just as you place your foot. Love will
unveil your endless good in the ever-present moment that you live in.

of the Law of Resonance and because you are the heart of God I Am, that
which you hold within you is radiated outward, placing a vibrational
signal into the matrix of life on Earth to which the conscious electrons
will come, to create for you the vision of that which is Real to you.
This is why I call you to this communion of Love, for the experience of
your heart is the only thing that can manifest as the world of Love that
is the truth of God and thus, the truth that you are meant to live.

can know a million things with your mind, and you can speak of
spiritual things night and day. But until it becomes your experience of
that which lives within, until your heart accords it as the truth, it
does not have the power that is yours where you really live, in the
vibrational reality where only Love is Real.

Once it is your truth
that lives in your heart and consciousness, then nothing the world can
bring you will move you from the truth. The power of your focus brings
the forces of Creation to open the way before you as the creative heart
of God I Am. Thus, you become conscious creators of the world, brought
to birth specifically to bring the full awakening of every heart and
consciousness on Earth.

As you hold this truth, that you are not
separate from Reality, from that which Love is … and thus Love is ever
giving to you and through you, being given in service…when this lives
within your heart, then the world becomes only Love. The truth of life
as fluid, as open and available to the conscious heart of God that is
you…this becomes the vision woven into the consensual reality to hold
the top note of the song of life that everyone can then have access to
the vision and through the vision, to the experience.

you turn, dear ones, you will see the story of duality playing upon the
canvas of the collective consciousness of humankind, a slide show of
instability as it all is brought forth to be seen. The seeing then
becomes the opportunity for changing it. Thus, can you show forth to
other hearts exactly how to use the heart to see right through the
illusion of duality, to experience the unity of Love and thus to make it
Real in each such life. It means bringing it forth, making it available
to others… for your consciousness is woven into theirs and the
vibration of your Love lifts the vibration of all. Your communion with
Me brings communion with every single electron, every stream of
conscious life within the living hologram.

And so you become aware
of the vastness of your being and how your heart brings this Love into
everything at once. Thus, the change to the vibration of Love occurs and
life in the world is brought into the center. The doorway of the heart
brings forth a world of beauty meant to show forth the truth of God to
everyone as experience.

This is what I ask you to create, to
create consciously with Me. Deliver to humanity visions of hope and an
immersion in joy, waves of Love they cannot help but feel. All of it
emerges through this sweet communion, your open hearts, fully alive in
Me, consciously experiencing this union.

You are the gift of Love I
Am giving to the world. I Am fully alive here with you this moment.
When you say these words, you are the experience of the truth that All I
Am is the spark of life that lives within you and in this life, through
this Love, you are ever free.