Instead of just feeling Gr8, this Great Mind of course wants to know what makes it tick… Much like Russell Crowe in ‘a Beautiful Mind’. If you don’t know it, take my advice: just Do it!

Who caused this great feeling? Well, who didn’t?

Of course my parents, Duh! They are the perfect mix of good and evil, so beautifully merged that you have no idea where evil ends and good begins. So black and white that all you see is grey… unless you’re looking for the Gold….


My brothers of course, for showing me what playing was like, although my
asthma often kept me from playing along. I thank it for that too.

My school pals for making me see that playing isn’t all, but it is all
still a game. Solitaire became my middle name, but I still couldn’t kick
the habit, or for that matter, the bucket. And now, I no longer need

All the girls I’ve loved, for keeping their divinely inspired distance, knowing or not knowing I was destined for this…


My , for constantly reminding me I need not take care of the
world, and don’t even need taking care of, but I do need to take care
of Me!

Those that deliver and those that don’t, for they show me the ante of
anticipation, and the thrill of the kill without taking lives…

My work buddies, for both being grand masters and great students, even
though I tried to keep teaching to a minimum in the workplace. One of
them, who shall remain nameless like all involved here, has taught me
beyond the call of duty, by (un)intentionally overdosing me with the call of beauty, booty or whatevuh, without ever
coming within my considerable arms length… her crack cured my secondmost severe addiction, so you can bet your ass I still Love Her, always will!

All the chance encounters, either in my field of interest (the virtual)
or in what I believed was real but didn’t matter (yes, matter). All were
only there for me the moment I needed them most: Now!

No doubt many m∞re will come, for such is life: it rocks@times, it sucks@times, but it NEVER stops to amaze… M∞re Life? You God IT! (hmmm, gr8 title… ;-))

Love your suprises, regardless!