Friday, 8 October, 2010 

The license plate on my car ends in 000. I have never seen another car with three zeros until this week when I saw four of them
This prompted me to ask, "What’s with all the zeros?"  I remembered
then that I planned on spending some time with the mystical number zero
since it’s is a big part of the of the 10-10-10 Portal. Don’t you just love it when you get cosmic reminders?
is everything and nothing. It’s the fertile void, a space of infinite
potential and yet nothing is manifest. Zero carries the energy of
wholeness and completion. There are no sharp points or angles. There is
no beginning or end. It is infinite.

In the tarot, zero is the number of the Fool. According to Angeles Arrien in her book The Tarot Handbook,
The Fool represents "the principle of courage; state of no fear;
ecstasy and peak experience. The Fool is the universal principle that is
associated with the that we experience before
birth and after death. In life’s experience, this state of
consciousness is often labeled or experienced as being mystical,
transcendent, ecstatic, and transpersonal in its nature."
numerology when zero is added to a number it magnifies the energy of
the other number. What it adds is magical and spiritual. If you have the
number ten the zero boosts the one’s energy of beginning,
independence, leadership and courage. Yet, when you add 1 + 0 you get
just 1, as if the 1 hasn’t been changed at all. Zero is mysterious
because though no letter is associated with the number zero, it still
appears when you start to add up the numbers.
Zero is also a portal, a direct link to the cosmic wisdom. It’s is an opening to the divine and mystical experience of stillness.
Cultural References:
Taoism: It symbolizes the Void; non-being.
Buddhism: It is the Void and no-thingness.
Kabbalism: Boundless; Limitless Light; the Ain.
Pythagoras (an earlier incarnation of Master Kuthumi) saw zero as perfect. Zero is the Monad, the originator and container of All.
Islamic: Zero is the Divine Essence.
On 10-10-10
we have three zeros adding their spiritual magic to the three ones.
Zero brings the energy of completion to add to the one’s energy of new
beginnings. And this brings us to the number ten which has it’s own
magic. This is the number of new beginnings based on harmonious
conclusions to previous activities. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure
ready for that!
In the Destiny Card System*, which uses
playing cards, people who’s birth card is a ten (of hearts, clubs,
diamonds or spades) have completed their learning in the area
represented by the suit and are ready to share their wisdom with
others. I know this well, as my birth card is the ten of clubs, the
Teacher Card.
I’m quite excited about the potentials that are opening on the 10-10-10
Portal. So many people have told me that they have felt like everything
has been taken away and yet nothing new has come in yet. Finally, we
get some new energy, new idea and new beginnings!
* The
playing cards that we use were originally a divination deck like the
tarot. The first book published about this was written by Olney
Richmond in 1893. Richmond was the Grand Master of a secret society
known as The Order of The Magi. He claims that his order was instructed,
since the days of Egypt, to keep the secrets of the cards alive and
protected until the proper time for their revelation to the world.
Suggested reading:
Destiny Cards by Robert Camp.