This morning, I had the distinct feeling of being watched, played or whatever. Thought briefly about posting Rockwell with “Somebody’s Watching Me”….

Of course Rockwell is passé, but when I arrived on youtube, I immediately fell into the next sync: there she was, to the right, and quite small, but her postage stamp face and the duration of the video (3:33) immediately had me going: Leighton Meester – Somebody To Love ft. Robin Thicke. Completely unknown to me untill now, but her name says it all: Light On, Master (meester is Dutch for or master). Well, personally she looks more like a Mistress to me, but then who’s complaining?

Well, so much for influence number one: I love it, but wouldn’t give it the light of day if influence number two arrived: Those who, like me, just can’t get enough of figuring out the cosmos! It seems I have quite a few of those friends here, and even one or two a little but more up close.

And then there’s the CamelCaseRiders: send me mails with very specific language use, which I can read, but half the time doubt the exact point they are making: are they pulling me towards influences 1 and 2, or away from them? Apparently this group (if it is a group) works together, because their mails all follow that same lineup: a CamelCase headline to catch my attention, then a link to a short URL that leads nowhere, followed by some more text that misses certain minor words, but is still comprehensible. But there seem to be both positive reinforments and negative warnings in there, playing on emotions they apparently think I still listen to.

Next are the ‘weird users’ as I call them: look like spammers flushing my user list with their mail addresses and URL’s, or just another weird username that never gets activated. These names are more compact than the CamelCase lines, and thus harder to read. But the sites often look like storefronts only, with little real action behind them. Weird thing is, I shut down the ability to create users, but they just keep going!

There are more categories, just like there are certain flows of command at work. I used to have a bit of a discord with my boss, but now he made me of the testlab, we seem better able to communicate. But at the same time, I get signals that show me there are other forces at work in our department also: One of the more talkative sales persons, at least to me, cost me a warning that I had to send him on if he ever came with questions. There are some boundaries there, that are just asking to be obliterated.

And then there are the outside world syncs:

  • Streetlights that spontaneously light up or die out, the very moment I pass directly underneath. Happens almost daily, and not always with the same lamp post. Has to be related with my worst nightmare ever, running through a corridor with every light dying the moment I got passed under it. Although I now see it as encouragement rather than scare.
  • Double and triple digits in license plates and train numbers, way more than would be probable in normal statistics: I can drive past a row of cars, and encounter double digits or letter every second or third car!
  • The bicycle sync: when cycling past parked cars, my feet almost always reach the lowest point right next to the wheel of a car. If one misses, then the next one is always dead on!.
  • Grafitti tags on walls and trains often have just the right letters to punch up a sync in my skull…..
  • I used to see them on the freeway from my previous office: trucks with meaningful and often unusual lettering or imagery. Now I have a room closer to the entrance, they pull up right in front of the office, pause briefly, and then go on their way. Some of them even pass three or four times within the same day, and they ain’t local!
  • Clocks that show me numerically significant times, or computers that show out of the ordinary messages also happen multiple times a day.

Am I going crazy like Rockwell? Nah, I don’t think so. It’s just that I’ve carved out this route for myself, and I can see it all converging in the positive, but since these hints are all rather cryptical, the correct interpretation leaves room for mistakes. So some of them seem to contradict others, but I figure that is just a matter of time….

Love the impossible, it makes possible grow….