It is the one thing I noticed just now, as I got up: two mails in my various inboxes, one from an online casino, and another from a local establishment, called GroupOn. Both promising to lead me to whatever I seem to lack, but then I know it is not where I want to go. I have no idea why I know, but I don’t want to include these things in my world, even though they promise the world.

Yet at the same time, I know these two mails promise the same thing as the image I included just now, which in real life, I also appear to shun or lack. Open to anyone, but only to let them into my home and wallet. My heart I don’t need to let them into, because they are already there! Always have been, always will be. Can’t change that!.

Or can I? The blog linked to the front page image is a duality, which I love for it’s concept, the tone it sets, and the minds it blows. But I also shy away from it in terms of the down-to-earth literal text it spews: life to me cannot be an endless list of resolutions and rules to live by, like so many newyears resolutions every day. And less even, those rules that are repetitious, and only seem to end up becoming ever more restricted, until there is nowhere left to go!

As soon as I stop to think or rather start to feel, I find great help in the new image search. Yes, we all lean on those 100 trillions of friends, and this one is my crutch. It shows me both what I’m looking for, and what I don’t prefer, and I usually end up having a bit of both in the process. This next image and it’s corresponding blog showed me what I do prefer in a very weird way: first of all, the cover image given shows me beauty, but in a rather depressed sort of way:

But then, when I follow it, the first image to hit my retinas is a far more appealing photo: in stead of looking away, this lady is behind a lovely natural boundary of sorts, looking right at me! That is basically what I’ve always been looking for: the beauty behind facades of any kind, that they could easily bridge on their own power. Basically the cats that go anywhere, anyplace and anytime:

I aim for color in what I seek, but at the same time seem to have attracted a lot of grey stuff because I don’t act on my desires. I look at whatever is out there only long enough to recognise it, and then avert my eyes the moment I know it to have noticed me, to get on with the rest of the puzzle. Because the puzzle is it, my main drive. And boy, do the hints roll in here every day!

This just in from before in my mailbox. Apparently these ladies, who appear to be three totally separate entities, know about my habit of just headhunting, and so their three opening lines are all camelcased, and ending in classic riddles which I have yet to solve…..

Now one came from , the second from , and the third from , which can be anywhere. Just a reminder for me to not spread myself thin looking for the messengers, but rather to focus on the message, because obviously these three come from similar backgrounds because of their exact MO: the camelcased first line with the vexing tail, followed by a link that leads to an url shortener, which then leads to no page there anymore….

I won’t bother you with the rest of these messgaes, which are written in some sort of shorthand English, referencing many aspects of classical literature it seems. Well, that is my idle-time puzzle for today. Other than that, I’ll be having a rather pretty vampire in a nurses uniform coming as close as my arm (yes, arm’s length), and doing a server install and the rest of the regression test.

And tonight? Good friends, good company (the last one being a PC with E-mail indigestion, unless the scenario follows what I’ll be writing on the train….


Love Y’All!