Channeler: Petra Margolis

Why is it that you are not channeling your , your I Am or your Own Source Being?
As all the messages are coming out, the difference is so clear.
You are being influenced by the , the stars, the sun and the moon.
The dark cabal is still out there and controlling you in other ways.

There are also messages that say find your own path, start creating your own future.
Then we have the messages that say they will not stand for it anymore, they could take control but are not doing it yet.
The messages that say they are making some decisions for you as you are
not capable to make them yourself, the master knows best.
Other ones telling you that you are the masters.
Ride the wave of the energies coming in, stay in the love frequency and nothing can happen to you.
Stay at peace as the world is falling around you, this will stop the world from falling.
Become the I Am Presence as it is now time to anchor this within you.
And many more messages that seem to be telling you what is happening.
They tell you to go within, connect with your Higher Self, connect with
your I Am presence, and connect with Source, the Creator or God.
Why is it than that so many channels out there are still channeling other beings?
Why are they not channeling their own being, drawing the from within?
Yes, that guidance might not be for everyone, it might just be for you. But it’s the same with the channeled messages.
As higher frequencies are flowing through and the opportunity is there
to start working with your own Higher Self, I Am Presence, your own
Source Being.
What is holding you back?
Have you noticed that after a time of awakening within, you are being brought back into a sleep state?
You get a bit of information that seems an eye opener and a big step forward, but are you acting upon it?
If you work on integrating your I Am Presence, don’t you think you should be able to get the information from your I AM?
When you are being told that you are the creator, what do you do?
Do you look outside of you, or do you look inside of you for this creation?
All the Masters and Light Beings out there assisting you, do you think they are doing nothing?
Do you think they can do the work by just radiating light?
What is it like to be a Master?
Let’s take a look at the old Mystery Schools.
The many that followed the path of becoming a Master. They worked day
and night to learn how to be a Master, and the work didn’t stop when
they became a Master, as they are still working on guiding others to
become a Master. As they are still learning as well.
As a Master you have to be aware of the good, the bad and the ugly. It
requires a conscious awareness of all that is happening everywhere
simultaneously, so you will be able to act upon that in the highest way
As we talk about the task of the many galactic ships as you call them
out there, do you think that if attacked by the so called dark, or
opposite side, they will just radiate love and light and the others will
You seem to have forgotten much of what you learned in the lifetimes you were a student at the mystery schools.
Each life time would start with the remembering of what was learned and
from there the next steps would become clear as to what and how the next
activation, integration would be.
This remembering was done with the assistance of the teachers that knew,
had the knowledge of the activations and integrations that were needed
to become a Master.
The teachers had the ability to see beyond the veil, as many were able
to see the previous lifetimes, and the ability to see and hear their own
Higher Self, I Am and Source Being, as well as that from others.
What is a Master really?
It is someone who has studied lifetime after lifetime to reach the
knowledge within, to reach the highest frequency possible within, to
become what they are in spirit on earth and to ascend the physical body
into light.
They had help, the teachers at the mystery school, who taught them how
to connect within themselves, to find and integrate each aspect of the
self, to remember who they were in spirit, and to communicate within
their own being to reach the knowledge that was already there.
As they started integrating more and more, they were assisted with
further clearings, activations and integrations to become a fully aware
master upon the earth. As while they were working on themselves, they
were also assisting other students on the path.
We have so much going for us at this time, the energies are supporting a
great shift in consciousness, but do we really take advantage of it?
10-10-10 is coming up and is very important, but how important is it really?
There are many different translations of the energies as they are being
channeled through many different beings. Depending upon the awareness
within each being they will give you their own translation.
To be one, you have to be one with everything.
Even though the energies from 10-10-10 are very important and I will explain this, it is more important what you do with it.
The energies of 10-10-10, it is not a gate, it is not crystals being activated, it is so much more.
Think of yourself as being in spirit, where is your ? How far are
you spread out through the universe? Are you only on earth, or are you

The energy of 10-10-10 will allow you to connect with these parts of
you that might seem far away, but are yet within you as well.

This is what is needed, your connection within, be one with
everything including every part of yourself here, right here on earth.
This is where you connect, within yourself.
You all know about energies, you can feel them, do you feel all those parts of you that are spread out?
Are you aware of all those parts spread out?
Now connecting is only the beginning, as each aspect of you out there
has something to tell you. Has something that you can learn from, has
knowledge that you can access to further become aware of all that you
You have had many lifetimes of preparation for this life. You have spent
lifetimes preparing here upon earth, but also lifetimes preparing upon
other planets in this universe and beyond.
It is time to bring in that experience, those parts of you that have the
knowledge that is needed to create, to be part of the creational
But full conscious awareness is needed, and the only way to reach that is to be the channel of your own being.
Being one within.
This is why the 10-10-10 energies are coming, to give you that boost,
that step up in the frequency to really become aware of your own being
and integrate and consciously become part of this creation on earth and
your universe.
There is nothing wrong with listening to your guides, there is something
wrong if you take all they say for truth without knowing fully what is
the truth.
Guides are there to assist you; they can be from all levels depending
upon your own level. When you reach a higher level of awareness, your
guide will either adjust or let another guide step in to give you the
next level of knowledge needed for your process.
Guides are your teachers but also your students, as within the Law of
One this is the prerequisite of being a guide. As above so below.
You are your own teacher as well as your own student.
If you do not feel comfortable channeling your own being, start with a
guide, but never let it deter you from connecting within and be your own
This is what your guide should be working toward with you, as to not
become dependent upon your guide for the knowledge that can be obtained
from within.
October 7, 2010