When on the train to work this morning, and pondering over the article I posted earlier about writing for reality, another related topic surfaced in my mind: I’ve been ardently writing in my Diary these last nine years or so, but then this year, for whatever reason, I stopped it.

I guess I came to a point where writing about the Now only resulted in accumulating the past, and my with that became more of a it rather than experiencing joy at having had it. But even my youngest knows that ain’t the way to go: just recently, she told the world around her to "Don’t cry because it is over, but laugh because it happened!" on her MSN tagline. Yep, children amaze quite often! And her taglines often like they are specifically aimed at me, although she’ll always deny that.

But just now I noticed something about my no longer using my Diary: just about that same , stuff stopped for me, as if someone had relinquished control of my life. With me wondering why, I blamed it on having finished my second novel, and not yet having a third one in the starting blocks. That however got promptly unraveled by a new regular train passenger who out of the blue suggested I write a novel for teenagers. As abruptly as he arrived, that passenger vaporized the moment I was writing again…..

The novel about Ashley’s journey of discovery through her uncle’s advanced computer game got -circuited by an even more pronounced subject however: meeting Patrick gave me a taste for abundance, and left me hungry for more! But it was to be a tough lesson, for a guy as thick as : it took me till this morning to really figure out I actually create when I’m writing, ! Not just creating a work of fiction, but rather creating a work that matters, in any way possible, at least to me!

Thus, I should be writing way more, frantically combining letters into words, stringing words into sentences, and filling page after page! Not just here on Moorelife, or in my novels, but certainly in my Diary, for those deep that are nobodies concern but my own. But right now, even though I had this standstill for a while, things are up even though I’m keeping up a comfortable pace rather than a racehorse attitude. So let’s just see how it goes….

As for my Diary program, you’ve been told often enough how it evolved feature by feature along with my habit of keeping a diary. It’s evolution can be studied at http://diary.moorelife.nl/, where all versions from the first public version (4.13) right until the most recent 5.10 version. It is fully freeware, right down to the sources for those who desire to really get their hands dirty.

So if you want to try your hand at Wishful Writing, Diary is as good a as any…..   ;-)

Love your power of Creation,