Whew, those were a few hectic days: everything went wrong, passwords collapsed left, right and center, and getting back in the game was even worse! At the same time I got so many syncs from every imaginable direction, that I was no longer sure which ones I was interpreting correctly, and which I didn’t. It really felt like All was One, or at least being brought together in real rush tempo. The only thing that did go right was work, which seems to have become vacation now even though I’m more busy than ever…..

In this week, or was it two, I developed an understanding of the weird user names on my site (which only the superadmin can see), grafitti, spam, the whole hacker scene, and the weird outlashes that differences in languages and customs can make when mixed. To be in that state of mind is weird, a little scary even, but I’m now sure that I was NOT manic! I’ve really seen and experienced scenes that Escher drew, presumably because he saw them too.

Being acquainted with a lady from who could have been the sister of Seda, and who has the name Neda is also very ‘coincidental’ (Nope!). Neda was here on site, and mailed me this afternoon to renew our contact now she is home again. Even weirder was the fact that I got on the train next, and ended up in a seat other than my usual place (a car further to the front). When I sat down, I noticed a sheet of paper lying face down before my feet. Turning it over, it looked like the kind of language Neda would speak, but of course she couldn’t have left it there:

If anyone can read this, I’d be very grateful. If you think it’s too private, either mail it to me, or just keep your mouth shut, because I really have no idea what I am posting here. Could well be a love letter from a defected Iranian to his friend in Holland.

And now, first things first: dinner, then the monthly redistribution of my wealth, and then a proper update, like we haven’t had in quite a while….

Love being back!


P.S. It seems someone has update the blog software as well, even though it still claims to be 1.40.7…..