Rebel News – November 15, 2010

of the biggest puzzles of mankind is how human beings came into
existence. The differences between animals and humans are too
fundamental to be sufficiently explained by evolution theory. The
genesis story of the bible makes even less sense. If an all powerful and
all knowing god had created us, why did he do such a less than perfect
job? A far more sensible explanation is that modern humans are the
result of alien genetic manipulation. It would explain both our ape-like
instincts and our unique mental abilities.

We know that our ancestors have been around for over 100,000 years.
According to the alien genetic manipulation theory, every 5000 years our
planet is visited by aliens from Planet X, the tenth planet in our
solar system. In Assyrian records those aliens are known as Anunaki. The
reason for the long periods in between visits is that it takes that
long for Planet X to come close enough to Earth for the Anunaki to make
the trip. On their second last visit, around 8,000 B.C., the Anunaki
implanted a sufficient amount of their genes into humans to enable us to
make the switch from primitive group hunting to agriculture in the area
of the ‘Fertile Crescent’, encompassing today’s Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon,
Syria, Israel and Palestine, besides the south-eastern fringe of Turkey
and the western fringe of Iran.

5,000 years later, on the following Anunaki expedition, further
genetic manipulations resulted in the rise of more advanced state-like
civilisations in , Mesopotamia, the Indus River and in . Some
humans were supposedly given extra rations of Anunaki genes to empower
them to control their fellow humans on behalf of their alien masters.
This is said to be the beginning of the ancient bloodlines of our ruling

The aliens didn’t conduct those experiments out of the goodness of
their hearts, but in an effort to make us more useful for them. They
needed us as workers, soldiers and slaves. What they were after is
fairly obvious: gold. All ancient cultures had only one purpose, the
production of gold and other precious metals for our visitors from
space. The Anunaki didn’t want to do the hard work of digging the gold
out of the dirt themselves, so they created us and other humanoids like
hobbles and Neanderthal men to do it for them.

The gods and demons of ancient religions are easily explained as
descriptions of those alien visitors, as are the strikingly similar
descriptions of dragons from different parts of the world. Most likely,
Anunaki resemble reptiles, but have the ability of taking on other

During their last expedition a revolt broke out amongst the Anunaki,
making them split into two warring camps. That conflict is reflected in
the biblical story of Satan’s revolt against God. The trigger for the
revolt was an attempt of the of the Anunaki visitors to crack
down on rampant fraternisation between Anunakis and humans, which was
bound to create a hybrid race that one day could become a threat to the
total control and exploitation by the Anunaki.

The camp of the rebels was able to win a significant followership
amongst human leaders. The latter were more than happy to produce
off-spring with Anunaki superpowers. What is more, the ‘evil” camp was
more appealing to them because siding with ‘Satan’ was far more
rewarding than the hypocritical demands of frugality and unconditional
obedience demanded by ‘God’. After all, why does the ‘good shepherd’
take so well care of his sheep? Because he wants their wool and meat.

The Anunakis left, but the human leaders of the two opposing camps
have kept warring each other for the past 5000 years, Romans vs.
Phoenicians, Hohenstaufens vs. Guelphs, Guelphs vs. Ghibellines, Medicis
vs. Huguenots, Fascism[1] vs. Communism and Freemasonry.

By the looks of it the Satanist camp is close to winning the
5000-year-war between “God” and “Satan”. It would be oversimplifying
though to describe this as a conflict between morally good and evil.
From an ordinary ‘sheep’s’ point of view, it’s a case of the pot calling
the kettle black. If the ‘good’ side is only after your wool and meet,
you might as well have some fun in the ‘evil’ camp.

The solution to this dilemma is obviously not as simple as joining
either side. My point is that in this ‘Alien vs. Predator’ conflict, it
doesn’t matter which of the two reptile camps wins, mankind always
loses. The big challenge for us – regardless of the amount of Anunaki
genes we carry in us – is to find a third option, in which we treat each
other the way we would like to be treated if we were in the other
person’s shoes.

P.S.: The next visit of our alien creators is scheduled for 2012.

[1] I’m referring to Italian and Spanish fascism, not the mock fascism of Talmud inspired National Socialism.