Remember the small golden Mayan artifact that looks like a plane? This guy is building a larger model of it to see whether it is aerodynamically suited for fllying. After several attempts he succeeded! And the plane flies surprisingly good. Very manoeuverable even at very low and very high speeds. If you understand something about avionics, you’ll understand that an aircraft, depending on it’s size and shape (especially the wing configuration), has it’s own ideal speed for manoeuverability. Below this speed the aircraft acts sluggish and is always in danger of loosing altitude, or worse, in danger of stalling. Stalling is a condition where the airspeed is not producing enough lift for the aircraft and the aircraft just tumbles and spins uncontrollably down, almost like a stone brick would. Above the ideal speed it’s hard to let the aircraft change it’s direction and the craft tend to produce excessive lift so that it is constantly gaining height (until the air is too thin to generate more lift). The F14 Tomcat interceptor for example, as seen in the movie Top Gun, has a swing-wing configuration to maintain it’s controllability at low and at high speeds. For low speeds, it’s wings are swept forwards and for high speeds backwards. But such wings are vulnerable to mechanical malfunctions. And it adds an additional factor while flying the craft in demanding conditions is already a complex task (computer aided or not). Appearantly, as you can see in the demonstration below, there is a better solution than a configurable wing. And the solution was probably already applied long, long time ago.The special wing of this ancient model makes the aircraft very resistant to stalling. It generates much more lift than a conventional wing, so you can fly with much less power. And it’s safer to fly too: it’s very controllable at all speeds and stays in the air a lot longer.

There is a lot of talk in approximately the first half of the video. You can skip them to jump to the moment where the modelled aircraft is being tested. The model aircraft also has a very short landing run. Although it isn’t really shown on the video, I guess it has a very short take off run also. Until anti-gravity propulsion becomes mainstream, this would be an excellent preliminary solution for the aircraft industry. Does anyone knows someone who works in the aircraft industry?