NOVEMBER 9, 2010

Greetings to all from the .

We are here today to tell you that much is taking place on your planet that you are not yet seeing. It appears to you as chaos, but it appears to us as deeper movement into the Light. Many are awakening at this time, and many are giving up their old ways of seeing and believing; allowing in the energies of change. Many are starting to see that the old no longer works as it once did, and are beginning to understand that a new paradigm, with new ways and new energies is the only way for earth to succeed and not implode upon herself.This is a time of healing for many, a time in which you are reliving the past in order to let it go. Do not claim past mistakes back in to yourself with guilt and sorrow. The past is the past, it is simply old . All learn by mistakes in the third dimension and so you are learning. Remember back to your state of consciousness at the time of those events that you now feel guilty about. You were doing exactly what you felt needed to be done according to the state of consciousness you were in at that time. Honor that, you were being who you were at that time. If you were to do those same things in your new and more evolved state of consciousness, then that would be error. You see, all are simply living their truth as presented through their state of consciousness. Let the past go and do not claim it back in as your personal burden. Send light to those you have offended or let them how you feel if need be, but then release the past from yourself for this is how the new and higher can come in. We are not saying that you must forget, or deny certain events in your experience, we are saying that it is time for you to give permission with intention that this old be released, cleared, and that it no longer hold you in bondage.

You are beginning to understand yourselves from a higher perspective, one that knows the truth of being, and understands the journey of awakening. This means that you are now ready to go deeper and release all that has held you in bondage for centuries; in past lives as well as this lifetime. This often means the ending of certain pleasures, friends, work, or even favorite volunteer projects. Do not feel guilty or confused about this, simply understand that your energy is changing, and you are no longer resonating with these things. Others will move up in their journey fill your place as you in turn move on to new ways of serving, being, and enjoying life.

This is why many are suddenly finding themselves in jobs that they hate. They no longer resonate with the energy of their work as they once did. In these situations, it is ok to change jobs. If one leaves a job as a means of escape, they will simply find the same situations in the new employment, but when one chooses to leave a job freely because it no longer resonates with them, then they will find work closer to their level of resonance. Many are finding that their work is expanding into new and heretofore unknown directions. This is the new energy bringing in new ways of seeing and doing. Nothing stays the same, that is evolution. Holding on for dear life to that which is already known, is stagnation.

Fear is rampant on earth right now. Try hard not to accept into your consciousness the pictures of fear being presented to you at this time, coming in from all directions.

Trust your intuition and state your intentions to your Higher Self and your guides. Because all are free will beings, it is important that those helping and guiding you receive permission through your stated choices and intentions; that way you open the door for help and guidance on a deeper level. Be careful that your statements are not; “I hope, I want, I wish” because you see, that then is what you are creating. Your words and thoughts are powerful and creative.

Be open to change. Be open to the changes that may present themselves to all aspects of your life; this way your work and your interests will evolve becoming more and more refined. Those who refuse any change, saying, “this is the way we have always done it”, are going to be left in the dust as the world evolves into a .

Let go dear ones, this is our message, let go of the past, and all that was a part of it. This does not mean that you must forget, this simply means that you choose to break any heavy bonds of attachment to persons, places, and things. Bonds of attachment only serve to keep you in connected to the old energy, the past, and those places you have outgrown.

We see many are now experiencing this energy of release and it is manifesting in their everyday lives as a desire to get rid of “stuff” and the need to simplify. Allow this process. You will feel lighter, less burdened and more alive. Allow yourselves to once again enjoy simple pleasures like being in nature, having fun with your loved ones, watching a funny movie, or playing- becoming a child again. Do not allow society’s promotion of material goods as your means to happiness, fool you. That is simply another ploy toward keeping you unawakened. Most of you have already tried it and found that it has not worked.

Man can only be fulfilled through the realization that he already is fulfilled because of his Oneness with Source. That is the journey of evolution, dear ones, and that is what you are doing.

We thank you all.

Thank you Arcturian Group 11/9/10


Personal messge from Marilyn;

I would like to recommend a powerful book by Christine Day.


The book is “Pleiadian Initiations of Light” and comes with two CDs from which you can work. This is not a read and put aside book, it is a working book; one track at a time for those serious about their spiritual journey.