it feels as if i could simply wipe my eyes
and there would be no veil…

i could simply wipe the thought that
i was ever separate from love
with a magic wand
and the fairy dust would
form the most beautiful of earths…

ahhhhhhhh. a simple thought
that i was not what I AM
has created so many worlds of
seeming pain and suffering…

and yet………..the beautiful truth of love
is that it was never real…
it was all just a chimera..

i never left my nest of love…
i simply “thought” it was so…

now i can fly as the eagle
in my total grandeur
so free…so free of the thoughts
of the world..

rising above them has been an arduous task..
so many moments of lowering my wings
and landing on the same sands
formed by times illusory perception…

now that i am awake ~in love~
i truly understand jeshuas beautiful
words given to me years ago…..

~when your wings fly with me
you are in heaven~