Saturday Night, and after a day of leisurely housekeeping, I’m sprawled across the couch with the netbook, actually not even busy with the net part of it. At least not until just now. Just browsing through information gathered in the last ten years or so, not really busy trying to form any ideas about the future, because I know that just doesn’t work. The future is what it is, and I have no more interest in it than each and every day will uncover in due time. No grand plans or expectations for myself or others, but simply being right here, right now.I know we’ve been told to manifest our own future, but I reckon I’ve done enough of that over the past five years, without much success yet if I was to go on the feedback which I didn’t receive. But still there’s a knowing that it’s been enough, I’m done worrying about all of it. I’m right here in the 3D world, even though I avoid most of the negative aspects of it, but this is my place. The moment I try to get to 5D or somewhere around there, 3D calls me manic and reels me back in, without 5D lifting a finger to help me stay up there. So the only conclusion possible, is that I belong here, in 3D.

And it ain’t half bad: I’m currently learning not to depend on anyone, but instead be there for everyone. Where that eventually leaves me? I have NO IDEA! Form my own future? Been there, done that: the most striking manifestations I realised were those where I wished for and immediately forgot about stuff since it was too ridiculous to even consider my wishes coming true. And yet they came, like the Aliens in Jeff Wayne’s : too fantastic to even be considered reasonable fulfillments of my desires, and hinting at more. But any attempt to then get to that more was radically derailed, in an attempt to get me to stop expecting. And it worked: I’m now expecting nothing anymore, but still ready to act if anything actually would….

At least work has been turned around, into the job I’d asked for a year ago, but for which I was deemed too inprecise. Even though I never worked to get rid of that imperfection, it apparently was diminished enough according to my boss to grant me the position after all. And that made work become just about as much fun as being at home, thus ending the daily switch of mind coming to work and going home. Things thus became much simpler.

So what’s next? Dunno, there were many possibly conflicting desires in the past, but even with my life in 3D mode, I am convinced that eventually I’ll look back in gratitude to an outcome that far exceeded the ideas that were in my mind. After all, if you ask for a few photos, and then get flooded by nearly ten thousand of them, it is clear that the Cosmos has a knack for overindulging our wishes….

But still, expect nothing but be ready for anything!

Love your Light,