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(NaturalNews) A doctor`s husband made a remarkable reversal of his
serious Alzheimer`s problem by ingesting daily. Dr. Mary
Newport had her husband Steve get off the pharmaceutical Alzheimer`s
drugs as his condition just kept worsening with them, along with added
negative side effects.

Alzheimer`s disease affects over 5 million
in the USA, and ranks seventh in deaths from diseases. Steve`s
condition has improved greatly since coconut oil was included in his

How Dr. Newport Found the Coconut Oil Solution

Mary had helped her husband Steve volunteer for a promising Alzheimer drug trial, but not in time to be accepted. She researched the new drug and discovered it was a pharmaceutical version of MCT oil, (Medium Chain Triglycerides). Then she realized that both coconut and palm kernel oils naturally contained MCTs.

MCTs are easier to quickly digest than other types of fats.
They require less bile and enzyme action for intestinal absorption, and
they are metabolized quickly in the liver. Therefore, MCTs expend
energy more rapidly and strongly with less fats storing in the blood and

Metabolizing MCTs creates ketones. Recent research,
which led to Big Pharma`s attempt to duplicate naturally occurring
MCTs, has shown that ketones help protect against Alzheimer`s, even
reverse it. Compared to Big Pharma`s synthetic version of MCT Oil,
naturally sourced ketones remain in one`s body over twice as long, eight
hours compared to three.

So Mary Newport`s investigation led her to a less expensive solution for her husband without the often predictable side effects of a pharmaceutical. Her sharing of the information benefits all of us. And lately more and more nutritional value has been attributed to coconut oil. But this is all relatively new knowledge.

This is Now; That Was Then

Since a few decades ago, coconut oil was demonized by the food processing industry`s quest to lower their cost, boost profit margins, and create longer shelf life by using hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.
Butter and palm oil were also included in the food industry`s fear
campaigns to get consumer consent for using the more unhealthy trans
fatty acid oils, including margarine.

Until then, coconut and palm oils were used in all sorts of packaged foods
and baked products. Butter was considered okay. That gradually changed
until dangerous margarine and partially and fully hydrogenated cooking oils moved onto grocery shelves, packaged foods, and baked products – replacing the falsely demonized coconut and palm oils.

Recent research has debunked the emphasis of cholesterol dangers as exaggerated or even false. Even if saturated fats, such as coconut oil are high in "bad" cholesterol, trans fats or hydrogenated oils have been proven to be worse for human health, even toxic.

Now real science and human experience are proving the health benefits
of coconut oil. Almost all health food stores have it. Large quantities
can be ordered on line. The ideal coconut oil is organic virgin. But
not so ideal has some virtues remaining as well.

Coconut oil is considered a saturated fat
because it is solid, though it begins melting above 75 degrees
Fahrenheit, or 24 degrees Celsius. In addition to ingesting it, say with
dark chocolate to make it yummy, coconut oil is one of the best oils
for cooking because of its very high smoke temperature; this makes it
less likely to turn toxic from excess heat than olive and other pure vegetable oils.

saturated fats were falsely demonized and those lies were almost
totally accepted by consumers and health professionals until recent
years. But that was then, and this is now.

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