I guess that is the only thing that can be said for the weather here right now: not particularly bad, because it’s dry, but cloudy with a whiff of blue inbetween. Carlos Santana understands perfectly, as Hold on oozes from the netbook’s tiny speakers. No, not my pick, but that of the Windows Media Player, perfectly sensing my mood and giving me random selections to match and enhance all throughout doing the dishes:

Only a few tiny things to do today, and no particular weather to take the kids out. As if they would want to… Nope, my ladies are totally wrapped up in their own singleminded pursuit of happiness, which usually means having friends over for movies, games, general joking around, and nasty conversation that I would be reluctant to bring up in such company. Well, as long as they’re having fun, and nobody gets hurt, they can borrow my pad any time. I’ll even serve the drinks and snacks.

And me? Well, I sit in on the background, throw in the occasional overdone remark to make them laugh even more, and spend my time watching them enjoy themselves, simply because it seems like the most exciting thing to do. I’m a weird one that way: not much activities to do for myself, at least not those I could imagine getting high on. The occasional movie, since over the years I’ve seen a lot, and the reruns and sequels hardly ever amaze me any more. We will however go to the premiere of the first part of the last Harry Potter episode, when it comes to our local theater. The kids got their mum to take them to the pre-premiere on tuesday midnight, since I couldn’t make it: dropping into bed at three to get up again at five for work seems hardly doable. So we’ll also do a showing of it that next weekend, at more appropriate times.

Windows Media Player has again given me a great teaser: Nasty, with “Blijf je hier bij mij”. I know she probably didn’t write it with me specifically in mind, but can’t help thinking she’s one of those people that love the whole world, even the parts they don’t know yet. And she’s an elusive angel: searching on youtube reveals NONE of her very touching songs….

The youngest of my angels just landed downstairs, complaining about her sister having set down her laptop out of sight, so she’ll have to go back up to get it. But she returns shortly, her inseparable comrade clutched to her chest. Wimpy donates the next track, briefly reminding me of the Tower of Power, a hit from Holland back when I was still spinning the tables in some obscure disco in a backwater town. But Ayreon’s the Tower of Hope from their amazing album called “into the Electric Castle” is one of less stampede, and more tongue-in-cheek symphonic rock:

Much more in line with Moorelife.nl viewpoints too, I feel. And I should know, right? ;-)

And you know what? I’m actually enjoying myself right this minute! Watching stuff unfold, even if it is just the events around me, and the sometimes surprising choices of my netbook. Cup of coffee to go with it, can it get any more perfect than this? Yeah, it could, but I’m not going to be concerned with the very unlikely occurrences I’d love to see come to pass. They’ll be handled the moment they do, with the same joy that the normal stuff gets handled now. Well, that’s not entirely honest, of course…..

Melanie’s engulfed in her Japanese anime series already, headphones in to avoid the intrusion of her dad’s music. Her sister is the sleepy head in the family, who probably won’t be down for at least another hour. Then it’ll be my turn to provide brunch, as always. Arjen’s characteristic voice just ends the Ayreon song, dropping me straight into the most intriguing instrumental in my entire collection: Infected Mushroom, with Shakawkaw:

No voice to distract from the intoxicating combo of synthesizers and spanish guitars, just raw Psy-trance! Goosebumps all across my brain, if you know what I mean… No need to do any other mushrooms, that’s for sure! Besides, stuff like that doesn’t work for me anyway: alcohol just brings me down to “ I doing here?”, and weed evokes the “Is that it?” response. After that, I dropped both, and never tried anything else, except audiovisual input of various kinds. Way more interesting, to step into a store and buy three albums just because the visuals on the covers speak to you, to then find that the music perfectly matches those visual impressions. Now there’s excitement for me!

And it’s not bound to a particular genre: in one session I robbed the music shop of the following, exchanged for a bit of local currency of course:

  • Tarot – Suffer our Pleasures (hard and fast Metal, with very explicit lyrics)
  • Norah Jones – Feels like Home (deep melancholy, to realise I already left that)
  • Night Live – Caught by the Clock (melodic and light, but still philosophical)

Try catching those three in any one genre! But I’ve raved enough about my taste in music, so I’ll leave you to enjoy your own, and make my ladies something to eat….

Enjoy your Sunday, what’s left of it…