I’m having second thoughts about tonight’s dinner. Mainly because my expectations of it are way low, having just had lunch with the same bunch. Main topic of conversation was cars, a subject about which I have absolutely nothing to tell, and am absolutely not interested in. So the only thing dinner would have going for it would be the fact that I won’t have to cook….But decency demand that we give our foreign friends the idea that here is a nice place to be. And that includes dinner with their fellow students, even if some of them have rudimentary pieces of family life still left somewhere. On the other hand, my kids don’t seem to mind, they will just show up again tomorrow. And I, having little else to do at home than dishes and vacuuming now that my writing career is down the drain, also derive little advantage from being the spoilsport and dodging the dinner invitation.

I was going to insert an image of a nice dish, in order to work up an appetite, but apparent the great big systems administrators in the sky have even taken away that right from me. Pivot seems to be falling apart one feature at a time, after last weeks sudden update which solved a few nice-to-haves for me. I wonder who’s behind it, and what they want me to do? Problem is though, unless they are perfecly clear, I’m too dumb to get it anyway, so they won’t get far. I’m a reasonably easygoing guy, but if people refuse to tell me what they want, I can’t help. My powers do not include reading minds, and I’m also not prone to just guessing my way out of it if clarity remains at a distance. So I’ll just muddle along until diminishing functionality has taken away all the fun in writing…..

But back to dinner, I figure there’s nothing there for me except some that is different from the usual stuff I serve myself. But if that is the one thing that is responsible for making me a nice evening, I guess I’ll skip it, and head home instead…. After all, I never did feel much like doing social stuff which leaves me sitting there outside the group, watching them enjoy themselves. And frankly, that’s about all I could expect tonight!

See you back home soon,