Creating Our to Support our Intentions

NASA Image 10 Nov 10 - Gamma Ray Emitting Lobes

it occurred to you, in your glorious I AM-ness, that YOU and I are
collectively creating our own galaxy to support our intentions?

that if you have felt spacey, weird, overwhelmed energetically, tired,
nauseated, ears ringing, unable to focus it might be for a very
concrete reason, which actually was drawn into your experience as a
manifestation of your, or shall i say, OUR collective to expand
our and elevate our frequency?

Let me explain…

other day I received an email from a reader who shared with me the
link to the a video from .  I took this screen shot of the video
which can be seen in it’s entirety HERE
It’s a beautiful image, and a beautiful experience–to see this
structure in our galaxy.  To understand more of what we are part of by
being given the gift of a visual image of it. 

Even more amazing was
my response to watching this video! My crown chakra opened wide and I
felt highly emotional.  My heart chakra spread out across my chest and
felt tender and spacious.

Rather then being stimulated mentally or curious, I had an emotional and energetic response of knowing.   Knowing what?  I’m not sure.  But definitely, knowing.    

knew that what I was looking at was important and significant.   A way
perhaps to understand the incredibly deep and wide energies since that
followed the 10-10-10 Stargate and which were more integrated and thus
further supported and expanded with the shared focus and experience of

I then went to channel and gather more understanding. 
I asked:  What is this structure of enormous gamma ray emitting lobes,
that the NASA’s Fermi Telescope Finds reveals are in our Galaxy?  What
is the relevance or meaning of this for me and others exploring the
expansion of consciousness?  Here is what I received from Archangel
Michael and Naeshira:

Enormous waves of high frequency light
enter the Earth’s atmosphere.  Interacting with lower vibrating waves
to form higher frequency gamma rays.  Gamma rays are typically thought
of as destructive to living cells; however gamma rays with their high frequency/short wavelength are unusually compatible with crystal, (as
opposed to carbon structures).  Thus, they are highly effective at
bringing high-frequency energies into your experience in a new way. 

from gamma rays in your atmosphere is increasing in a parallel
movement as your cells becoming increasingly converted from carbon to
crystalline in structure.
  This allows for vast
quantities of to permeate and elevate the overall
collective energy field of Earth plane.

As I contemplated this information from Michael and Naeshira, I wanted to understand more. 

interesting that gamma waves were thought before to only reside
BEYOND the milky way.  That gamma waves traveled vast distances to our
atmosphere.  Why would there now be, or would we now "discover" the
presence of these waves radiating into our atmosphere from the our

The structures in the video are being described by
scientists as “two lobes” above and below our galaxy’s center.  Isn’t
it interesting that they also resemble the form of a mobius wave, the
symbol also used to convey infinity?

I discovered that the
scientists have never seen exactly this kind of a formation.  They have
nothing that explains how these highly charged electrons "got here." 

scientists felt like these gamma rays are full of information and they
don’t have a context to put it in.  How cool that these scientists are
able to say, A) it’s amazing and B) we don’t know what it is and
what’s involved with it! 

I kept asking to be guided and as I was, a constellation of relevant information to make more meaning of all this came forth.

I learned that gamma rays are measured often (in controlled scientific
environments, naturally) by creating them and directing them toward
crystals.  The electrons within the crystals are "contained" as so
absorb the information from the gamma rays and then reflect the energy
of the gamma ray’s intensity as light.  How poetic and amazing!

as our bodies are increase in crystalline structure we would receive
gamma ray information differently and potentially be able to handle
greater amounts of information transmitted this way.  Thus wouldn’t it
be useful to increase the amount of this to us?

remembered learning about Subtle Energy Fields–which surround human
bodies.  That through these fields we are connected and in
communication to the Universal Field, the Great Central Sun.

Then I started thinking about intentions.  And where intentions and this Unified Field meet. 

The interconnectivity of fields and intentions is a convergence of subtle energy theory and quantum physics. 

all connected in a non-local reality.  Through intention our personal
field can interact with someone else’s field and instantly transfer
information.  And/or transfer and receive information from the field as
a whole.

Considering the timing of this "discovery" by NASA.

in the concept that those individuals with higher frequency
perspectives have vast influence energetically…and that many of those
beings are currently focused on "ascension" or expanding consciousness
and elevating their baseline frequency.

Isn’t it possible that
WE created this structure within our galaxy, in order to receive the
light = information we need to accomplish our intentions?

It’s pretty cool.

if we remember the work of Nikola Tesla, which suggests that the gamma
rays found on earth emanate from the zero-point field. And if the
zero-point field, is sending information heavy rays into our

If we also consider the theory that suggests that
through INTENTION we access TORSION FIELDS: fields that travel at 109
times the speed of light—fields which actually transmit INFORMATION
without transmitting energy and with NO time lapse.

if we consider that some physicists believe that torsion-shaped energy
is an intelligent light, emanating from higher dimensions and
different electromagnetic radiation; giving rise to DNA.

And lastly as we consider that many researchers now believe that these torsion waves ARE consciousness, composing the soul and serving as the precursor to DNA.

wouldn’t make sense that if we are re-activating our 12 strand DNA,
and shifting from carbon to crystalline, that we might create a way to
accelerate this by manifesting a beautiful structure in our galaxy to
transmit the exact energy into our atmosphere which would support this
transformation of ourselves, our civilization, our culture and
ultimately our universe? 

As Archangel Michael would say: {Smile!} 

I personally find it astonishing poetic that torsion waves, which are
flowing to us and indeed create a great deal of our physical
symptoms–as our cells "torque" (picture a and press on
it–it twists and becomes?  A figure 8.)  This image of our cells as
they change from carbon to crystaline based, is now mirrored in our galaxy.  As above so below.

our multidimensional experience, beyond time and space, when "events"
are simply located in time and space and happen beyond it, isn’t it
interesting that this "discovery" by NASA was shared on the 10th of
November?  Actually one day before the New Reality
Transmissions began.  A discovery which could be seen as a sign of our
success, given that one of the suggestions of the New Reality
Transmission is to:

“Make pictures in your mind of announcing
breaking news of the empirical proof that human consciousness exists
outside of the body…scientific validation of the existence of the soul
and of the interconnection between all souls.”

As Law of
Attraction has taught us; when we open our perception to an idea and
begin to pay attention to it, we attract demonstrations of this energy,
like experiences, and all kinds of things are drawn toward us which
support our movement in this direction.

So I ask you, have you
considered that as you approached the 11-11-10 Stargate, embodying an
expanded connection to your I AM presence.  And some also may have
participated in the New Reality Transmissions.  And many of us hold the
intention to receive the energetic support to ascended to a new
baseline 5th dimensional frequency and for us, together to create this
New Earth experience…

Has it occurred to you, in your glorious I AM-ness, that we are collectively creating our own galaxy to support our intentions?

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