Today wasn’t a particularly good day as far as mood determination goes: the first day of my next course was rudely interrupted by a colleague, who came to tell me my assistance was required in the test lab. Although I could have stuck to my guns and stayed with the course, I realised that this first day would be mostly reruns of the previous course, in order to get the two connected. So I spent most of the day in the lab, and experienced just the tail of this course day….And the day had started even worse: waking up wasn’t really required until seven, to get to the train on time for the course. That was difficult enough as it was, when I’m used to waking up at five. And the trip to work was awful: trains loaded with way more passengers than I’m used to, and al those already sitting looking at you as grumpy as possible, to avoid you sitting down next to them. I’m glad I left this behind me years ago, and as I sat down next to a young lady who literally seemed to crawl into the wall in case I’d ravage her, I vowed that the rest of my week would not be spent like this: I’d rather donate those two hours a day to my boss, in order to be able to travel on a train where the passengers know me and converse with me!

But despite the sudden reroute in work, and a scalding from my boss for having altered one of the servers he had put off-limits, my day ended in picking up just the tail end of the course, catching up before end of day, and now working on the train home because my kids found my network stick again, hidden under some papers on top of Melanies wardrobe closet. Although of course the return trip is equally packed, I did find a seat by the window, which unfortunately shows mere darkness….

But I’m glad to say, that is the only darkness present here. Sure, no pretty lady among the trainees, like last time, but at least two of the nights this week I won’t have to cook, and all lunches are also included with the course. Not exactly the heavenly highs I’d love to experience, but then again it doesn’t sound like an all bad week altogether. Especially if you consider the fact that at the office, my PC is now very busy reconstructing that accidentally formatted disk last weeks mishap produced.

But were it today’s happenings that brightened up my mood entirely, or is there maybe something more? It doesn’t feel like all that much did happen, but the gloom still present this morning in one way or another seems to have lifted, and went up in smoke. Sure, I still have no idea which way my next wave of syncs is going to throw me, and it isn’t even that I’m trusting it to throw me a certain way. But based on 47 years of living, I see a trend in the ups and downs, that is definitely a rising one! Now based on that, a lot of negative stuff would have to happen to bend that trend downwards, and frankly, I only see less negatives, rather than more!

But still, since it came back, I’ll be enjoying it tonight, rather than raving about it here on Moorelife. As soon as the red light on my webstick turns purple again, I’ll end my sentence, wish you all a good night, and will hit the post button….

Love your Light in the darkness of autumn,