Welcome into every place and every thought, and every
that you stand at this very moment in time; for you are an intersection
of all that you have ever been and all that you ever choose to be. 
Within the walls of your heart  — you entertain the past, you
entertain the now, and you entertain the future.  Within the walls of
your heart resides all hope and wants for the future. Within the walls
of your heart you hold all levels of the universe that have not come
into physical manifestation, they still hold the embryo of possible

You each stand at the gates of yourself, holding your
breath, waiting for all of life to show you in which direction you are
to walk, in which direction you are to love, in which direction you
are to look.  You all stand at these gates waiting for a signal from
something of heaven, from something of earth, from something of life. 
Yet you still see not that all of the signs, the signals, the energies –
reside within the compounds and confines of your own being. 

stand on the apex of who you knew yourself once to be and you are
asked to leap to the next mountain top, to leap into a place of
consciousness and understanding that you have not landed upon in
You are asked to go beyond your abilities to manifest, to go beyond
your abilities to create, to go beyond your abilities to love.  You are
asked to surpass all that you have known yourself to be, to finally
land within the sphere of knowledge that awaits you. 

There are
many levels of your light that you are about to embrace, as there are
many new levels of your humanness that you have been afraid to
embrace.  Announce to yourself the receiving of all levels of love –
whether it is love that has pained you in the past, love that is
unrequited in the now, love that turns its head and walks away from
you.  Announce love to yourself, for the next level of your
and awakening can only be accessed through the human heart, through the
love that you know as a human being.  Look in your life – look at your
past, your parents, your spouse, your children – and see how much you
have loved them and how much you still have not embraced them fully. 

order for you to rise to this next level of ascension, of light, and
enlightenment – you must do it through the loves of your past. Not the
loves of your future – but the loves that seem somewhat tainted and
shadowed from times gone by.   The Energies between now and the end of
the year will escort you in this clearly defined thought process.  You
will be asked to go back – to walk back into your remembrance.  To
shuffle through and to pick through the remnants of the past to find
the shininess of love that once was, to find the goodness within those
that you did not like, did not love, and would rather not have been
involved with.  It is through this doorway of past loves that you will
then walk into the newest of love that you will wear as a golden
garment of light. 

For all of you that sit within this sphere
will walk into a higher love, but you must take several steps backward
and you must pick up what you have dropped by the wayside so knowingly
and so easily.  Caress it, shine it up, and place it in your heart. 
For in the time of the eclipses, there will be a total eclipse of your
human heart as you remember how you have gotten to this place of
thinking that you now reside.  There will be a time that you walk into
your human heart and you will want to stay there in all aloneness.  You
will want to back away from those who reach their hands out as a she
crab upon a sandy beach. You will go deep within the shell of self and 
lick the wounds of the past, of the injustices, of the hurts.  Like
all species of animal on earth – the salvia that you lick your wounds
with – will be healing for you. It will be your own love and your own
nurturing that you give to what your heart and soul so desire.

You have side-stepped– what your heart yearns to be.  You have side-stepped– where your heart yearns to be.  You have side-stepped your future and you have lain comfortable in the quagmire of what appears to be.  It is this frequency of side-stepping
that you must now walk straight into. In walking straight ahead – you
will meet all levels of you. You will experience reflection after
reflection after reflection as you go into the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ of who you have always been, who you are intending to be, and who the universe has scribed for you to become. 

this journey of the heart, you will be hesitant in
Most people of earth are afraid of love.  They are afraid of the very
thing that will set them free from the bounds and limitations of their
earthly domain.  They do not realize that love is the ‘ladder of
ascension’ – it is Jacob’s ladder, it is a ladder of Light, it is a
stairway to heaven.  In order to access this ladder of ascension you
must always through your own heart and not through the heart of
another.  The heart of another will only lead you back to your own
heart.  No other heart will fulfill you as you need fulfilled.  They
can nurture you, they can polish you, they can buff you, and they can
love you – but first you must receive what you have been given.  You
all stand on the seashores of the past and you look out to sea to see
what you may see.  And what do you see? — you see all the hurts, the
wounds, the injustices.  How many of the blessings have you forgotten? 
How easily the darkness arises to your memory and how easily your
human memory forgets the blessings, the grace, the good tidings that you
have received and given to so many. 

You are on the very porch
of your next level of light.  You must open the door and go in.  And in
there you will see your past.  You will see everything that once 
hurt.  You will see everything that brought a smile to your face.   You
will see a panoramic life review as you look at it all and say —
thank you for allowing me to be who I am.  For every individual that
crossed your life has contributed to the recipe of your soul, the
ingredients of love that you hold.  Be open to this doorway.  Ask to
receive in fullness higher levels of love.  Ask the universe to show
you how to love more, to show you how to receive love, and to show you
how to radiate love. 

You each hold such a large sphere of
light.  Every place you enter into, you change the vibration of.  Do it
with a knowingness.  Do it with love.  When you find yourself in anger
– immediately shift to love.  Practice this over and over again in your
day.  For everything that makes you angry, is asking for your love. 
Each level of love that you walk into as a warrior will take you closer
to an Ascension level of your own heart and into your higher light. 

are the Collective.  We vibrate upon the morphogenetic grid that
surrounds earth.  We are within every thought through all time and all
space.  We gather around your energy fields as we gather around the
earth.  All truths that you seek are within your grasp.  To access them
you must ‘believe with a knowing’ and ‘know it with believing’.  The
proof will come – but only after the pudding has been served and
eaten.  At this time we bow to your light, we bow to your hearts. 

-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 – www.thequantumawakening.com thequantumawakening@hughes.net