Not that I’m that wildly funny, but yes, today demanded it: yesterday already, one of the companies trying to link our program to theirs was having trouble, and going all out in calling for help. They didn’t even write all those people themselves, but some of my colleagues clued in their colleagues, including me, to fix the problem. My boss tossed in a word or two about how he figured I couldn’t be of assistance, since the problem according to him was no longer an installation problem….But he had reckoned outside the fact that he’d given me that dirty handjob to do, anonymizing about 200 X-rays, one patient at a time: Click, click, click, and now we wait for thirty seconds… No way I was going to restrict myself to just that task! So when the mail group orgy came my way, I let them all be themselves, and punched a first attempt at solving the problem towards our esteemed colleague.

At first he corrected me, for I’d asked him something he’d already said he’d done. I just never took the time to read the whole thread because there was way too much flak from my colleagues in between. But in between a few more clicks and waits, and checking out all the semi-obsolete hardware for completeness, I was able to dive into the code I’d written a few years ago, and rule out the most obvious causes of failure. By the end of the day though, I fixed it with a remedy I’d never thought it could be: After installation, our customer had forgotten the customary and quite necessary action of checking the configuration file, to make sure it reflects the permissions to which the program is entitled due to its license. So in fact he was trying for a BASIC license, when he had the full ADVANCED license. But I’d never have expected that, since he described having done operations successfully, which require a least an ALLROUND license (the intermediary level).

Anyway, as I sent him the fix, and mentioned having to travel home, I promised I’d check my mail from home as soon as I got there. And of course it was waiting: an elated thank you, because the fix worked. In effect, it was just a question of rigorously following the advice of the great Sherlock Holmes: if you eliminate everything impossible, that which remains will (however unlikely) be the truth.

And so, with a nice portion of strawberry yoghurt as dessert, another working day came to an end. And I still have until tomorrow before my next co-creation in writing begins, with Jillian who turned out to have something for me to do anyway: she was on an errand from Higher Up to entice me to start writing again! And thus I will, because for one I never could say no to a beautiful woman, and also I love to write if there is at least one person beside myself who finds pleasure in reading it….

Go for the unexpected pleasures….