God said:

Throw down your arms. What an accomplishment such letting go would be. What
wonders this relaxation would allow to grow.

When Mt. Everest grew to be a mountain, it took no effort for it at all. It
sat back and let itself rise higher and higher. We could say Mt. Everest allowed
itself to be risen higher. Mt. Everest did nothing but sit back.

Just think of what non-struggle can accomplish. Let your sense of struggle
lie in a hammock. Let it stay there relaxing in the sun, perhaps reading a
magazine, drinking a daiquiri. Abandon your sense of struggle which is the same
as abandoning your sense of holding on.

Have you not been in the mode to fight, your fists up, reading to take on the
next punch? If you were not ready for a fight, would opponents line up to fight
you? No, they would be off somewhere else. They would be looking for someone who
was chomping at the bit.

Be a giant, an intelligent giant, a giant of peace. Be a powerhouse of peace.

Don’t be looking for impending danger. Be in love instead. Be in love with
what life has in store for you. Know you are going to be invited to the prom.
Know you are going to the ball. Know your life is opening up, and that you are
able to foresee it in a crystal ball of knowingness. How confident you are now
that you know all is well. Despite appearances, all is well.

In the middle of whatever it is that you fear, all is well. Behold the
wellness that is yours. Behold the sun. Before the dawn rises, the sun is
shining on you.

Be a friend to what happens next before it happens. Let the first overture of
love come from you. Spread your arms broadly to welcome the Universe. Do not
resist it. Melt into the sun. Easy does it. Easy-going does it. Foresee the
goodness that is on its way to you.

You are not the weaver of the loom. Nevertheless, the loom of life is at your
service. It is at your beck and call. It is your servant. You do not know what
your servant is going to bring you, yet you can anticipate that it is something
wonderful, perhaps a hot toddy at night, perhaps an egg in the morning, a feast
at lunch, mid-afternoon tea, and a supper for a . Imagine that. How can fear
take hold when your mind is occupied with the good that is to come?

Yes, it is time for you to let go of fear. Help fear go back to where it came
from. You are not beholden to fear, and fear is not beholden to you. I am not so
sure that fear likes itself. I think fear would hide from itself if it knew how.

What would it look like to be free of fear? It would look like you are lying
in a hammock with nothing to worry about. Has not fear been worrisome? What joy
to be without fear leeching onto you. “Go away, fear, and stay away. I don’t
need you. I don’t want you. I can get used to life without you, thank you.”

There is not much more to say. Let’s close the chapter on fear. What shall we
call the new chapter in your life? Perhaps Life without Fear. Perhaps Life in a
Hammock. Perhaps Fear on the Run. Perhaps Fear Arrested. Fear Sent to Elba. Fear
Given a Life Sentence without Parole. The Banishment of Fear. Fear out the
Window. Fearless at Last.