God said:

Life is to enjoy, but that is not to say that life is for your amusement. Oh,
yes, sometimes life is amusing. Yet, often in amusement, you are sitting back at
a distance, perhaps feeling superior to what is going on, perhaps a little
cynical, perhaps laughing at another’s predicament.

Have joy always, and yet at no one’s expense. Will you do that for Me? Better
even to cry with someone than to feel superior. Watch out for feeling superior
or wiser or smarter or more blessed. Know that everyone is blessed, and what you
see on the surface is not all there is to the story.

You are indeed blessed, yet you are to feel pity for no one. Pity says that
you are out of the fray and in a higher position. Be glad for all you have and
are, and do not dismiss anyone else as higher or lower than you. Even what you
see as miserable may not be misery at all. You already know that what you may
see as happiness may not be happiness at all. All appearances may be misleading.

We can say that life is a trip, yet you don’t want to be on a trip. You don’t
want to be off course, that is. You are on a journey of self-discovery. To call
it a trip may minimize your journey. Away from life is nevertheless life,
beloveds. Make your life a miracle.

And life, as it goes along, is always slipping through your fingers. It does
not stay still where you may want it. It doesn’t stay still long enough for you
to discern it. Life jogs along, and often faster than you can keep up with. The
minute life touches you, it has escaped you. Life is not to be held onto. You
can hardly succeed at that. So don’t be in a hurry. Enjoy the ride instead.
There is no getting off it anyway.

Life is much talked about and little understood. But that’s all right. You
don’t have to understand life. You just have to go with it. You just have to
live it. It is yours to live. Life is given to you full-throttle. Go with it and
don’t hold tight to those handlebars.

There is no map for you to follow unless you mean to follow love. Love is
what holds life altogether. If there were a chart to be made of your ascension,
it would show love rising and nothing else. What can compare to love? Certainly
not all the in’s and out’s of your life on Earth as you are in its thrall and
think you have to criss-cross it and deal with every immediacy in ways that are
not love-filled. Remember love, beloveds. Remember love rather than perceived
need. You need nothing but love, and it is your loving that I am talking about.
Not attempt at love, but love, true understanding, true scaling the heights.

There is somewhere over the rainbow, and you are beginning to reach it. You
are beginning to catch a falling star. You are beginning to catch on to life and
what it is about and what you are about. Love is your guide. Nothing else is.
Profit is not your guide. The desire to make everything right is not your guide.
Love alone is your guide, and that includes true love for yourself as well. When
you have the state of true love, you will see beyond what you have seen. You
will not see enemy. You will not see ravage. You will see beyond them. You will
have climbed over the rainbow and of what interest could less than love possibly
be to you who are love?