God said:

You stand on a threshold, and you do not know where your next step will lead.
You trust, and you take a step. You came this far. You climbed a mountain, and
now you are here. The same Guiding Hand that brought you here will take you all
the way.

You have come to a glorious Horizon. You didn’t do it alone. You did not know
where each step would take you, but Someone did. I did. I watched out for you,
and I am watching out for you now. I have the whole Universe in My heart and at
the tip of My fingers. I am like the mother bird who takes her baby birds out of
the nest so they will learn to fly. They will learn to soar.

If the baby birds stayed in their safe nest, they might never fly. Even the
stability of the soft nest is not guaranteed, however, is it?

You are learning to fly, beloveds, and, yet, you never go solo. There is
nowhere for you to go where I am not. The mother bird has limits. I have none.
If you wish for a SuperGod, your wish is fulfilled, though not always are you
rescued in the way you would like.

Ultimately, your life on Earth is all story. It is a tale once told or told
again, and yet it is story. It is a whopping good story, would you agree? Yes,
your story is filled with twists and turns, but that’s what good stories are
filled with. Nevertheless, your story is more than the spinning of a wheel.

You do not know what is going to happen next. Your life on Earth is a
page-turner. What you can know is that your life has, in truth, a happy ending.
Well, a happy non-ending. A happy continuation. A sequel that keeps getting
better and better. It is quite a series, the book of your life. It is endless.
Of course, it is, for the book of your life is written in Eternity where there
is no beginning and no end. Your life is a blip on the surface of Eternity.
Eternity is well-established. It is no fly-by-night, but your story is.

SuperGod always has you in sight. SuperGod is always mindful of you. I hold
you by the hand at every twist and turn. It may not seem like that to you
because We have different visions, you and I. I know you cannot come to harm.
You think you can. You wish I would come down from the sky and whisk you off in
My arms to a place of safety. There is no unsafe place. You are already in My
arms. Nothing can happen but that you are in My arms of love. This is a very
safe place, indeed. In My arms is as safe as safe can be. In My arms is beyond
safe, you understand, for there is no unsafe. You are established in My arms.
Whatever it may seem like to you in the relative world, you are, nevertheless,
established in My arms. You already know that what seems is not always so. And
what seems not may be what is very true.

True is My love for you. True are My abilities. Will you accept that I always
work on your behalf?

What may seem to your benefit may not always be to your benefit. What may
seem to your detriment may be to your benefit instead.

So, where does this leave you, beloveds? Just take life as it comes. Savor
every moment. It will all come out in the wash, and life is good, and you are
good, and all is well.