God said:

Accept the idea that there are no mistakes, that accidents are not, that
everything happens for a reason, and the reason, known or unknown, moves you
forward. It may seem to you that there can be no good reason. There may be no
way for you to know because your life plays out one incident at a time.

You cannot see the road not taken. You cannot follow its course. And you may
well not see clearly the road taken. You may moan, “Oh, why did that happen?”
Or, “Why did I let that happen? Why didn’t I say something? Why did I sweep it
under the carpet?” Or, “Why didn’t I sweep it under the carpet?” You may even
groan, “Oh, why was I born to such travail?”

There are many roads not taken. They are many roads taken. How can you be so
certain that you made a mistake in what you see as a mistake? If you could see
the whole divine picture, you would draw other conclusions. You might say, “What
a wonderful thing that I did that which I thought was in error. Now I see the
good it brought. Now I see what it saved me from. Now I see that where I thought
I was mistaken, I was right. I made the right choice even though it seemed like
a wrong choice.”

Beloveds, there are many right choices. I will tell you something. You are in
a good place now, and all your choices led you right here. And if you had made
other choices in your haphazard way, you would also be right here. Your choices
are not the total determinant of where you are now. You are here now in this
wonderful land of Heaven because I called you. When I call you, it doesn’t
matter what you did when. What matters is that you are here now. There is
nothing you need speculate about.

You may have wasted money, and yet that was not a mistake. You may have
married and unmarried or stayed married, and it was not a mistake. It was a
choice you chose. No matter how awkward, no matter what, it was your choice to
make, and it was right at that moment. Life may have proven that to you, or it
may not have. It doesn’t matter. You see only a spot of what your life is about.
One spot does not show you the whole arena.

Even if you lost the ball game, you gained. You cannot lose, beloveds. Come
from the angle that you made right choices and that your choices served you and
will serve you yet. You have a choice to make now, and I am telling you what
choice to make. You have the choice to regret and Monday-morning-quarterback all
you want. You have that choice. I am suggesting, however, that you applaud
yourself for all the choices you have made. You might as well. Once made, you
cannot unchoose your choices. Never would I want you to spend the life I gave
you in regret. That would indeed be a foolish choice. You can make a choice to
regret and regret again half or all your choices. You can make a choice to move
ahead and leave all regrets behind you. Regrets don’t serve you. Regrets hamper
you. They make you sluggish and regretful.

Take down your hair and let the wind blow freely. Feel the wind in your face.
You are now. You are right now, and you are in the lead. You are ahead of the
score you have been keeping. Choices once made are not your choices now to make
or unmake. Leave them alone. No longer reproach yourself. You are splendid.