God said:

Fears are a waste of time, yet there is tendency for fears to bear fruit,
fruit that you do want to eat. Be fearless instead.

It is brave to be on Earth. You have no armor. You have no need for it. You
do not really face the world. You live in it for a while. The world has its
rigidity, yet you are free. You are free not to fear. Who would choose to fear?
And yet you do, time and time again.

Fear is like a hatchet hanging over your head. Fear weakens you. It certainly
doesn’t make you strong.

What great wrong are you guilty of that you should fear? You don’t even know,
half the time, what it is that you fear. You have fear strewn-about that jumps
out at you at certain corners. You fear because you fear.

Some days you forgot your fears, yet they are always there lurking.

I say an end to fear. I say there has been enough. What a wonderful world
there will be when fear no longer exists in it! What a wonderful world a
fearless world will be.

You can think of a million variations of fear, fear on top of fear, niggling
fears, big ones. At the same time, you don’t want to be afraid of even pesty
fears. Fears are like itches you scratch and rub raw.

Come now, let those itching fears fly out the window. Do you see them flying
out one by one and faster and faster? How many there were, and now there are
none. Fear is gone. Fear never belonged in your heart. That is why fear is so
uncomfortable for you. From now on, fear is out, unwelcome, forbidden. Fear has
no choice but to go away, and you have no choice but to let it go. Fears are not
precious. Anyone can have fears. It is no great skill. Slipping away from fears
can only give you great . Too much thought and have gone into big
and little fears, giant fears and little wispy nagging ones.

You are not accountable to fears. They are not to have their way with you.
Fears are shadows you see like floaters in your eyes.

Throw down your swords. The rule of fear is over. Fear has had to step down.
Fear has been overthrown. Make way for peace. Peace serves you. Fears do not.
Don’t be hornswoggled by your fears. You can only be hornswoggled by them
because they are imposters. You think they carry bad news or swords, and all
they do is stick pins into you.

Every time now when a fear wants to wiggle its way in, see yourself standing
in My light, and watch the fear disappear. Fears are smart enough to know not to
tangle with Me. They know when they have met their match. Let them know that
you, as well, are incapable of being taken in by their tricks.

Fears, like ego, are tricksters. They make themselves big. They want a lot of
attention. They want to be bowed to a lot. Don’t do it. Who needs fears? Better
to bow down to yourself.

Bring out the dancing girls. Bring out a chorus of love. By what law does
fear have sovereignty over you? Say, “Boo!” to fear. Scare it away. “Shoo, fear,
get out of here, and never come back. I have more to do than to listen to you. I
have love to give. I do not even put you at the end of the line. No longer are
you to be in the line at all. You are to be nowhere to be found. I no longer
imagine you. Be gone. Shoo, fear! Boo, fear, boo!”